Tuesday, June 02, 2009

We go for a walk in the woods

The car park is quite unpleasant, set just off a busy dual carriage way, and littered with burnt out mopeds and dumped fridges, all overlooked by derelict public toilets.

We push across the field though – through the aromas from the groups of rule-flouting Iranians’ hookhahs and barbeques – and underneath the canopy, and leave the rather insalubrious initial area behind.

It’s lovely in the woods, and offers some respite to the touch of sunburn I have. We see a treecreeper shimmying up an oak, we watch a resigned buzzard being mobbed by crows, and I discover a copse with dozens and dozens of pairs of Starlings nesting within it.

The sun begins to sink, and we head back to the car. The car park is surprisingly full, and as we approach my car we notice a chap, parked nearby, keenly observing us. He looks - and it’s a word I would always hesitate to use - retarded, and it’s a trifle odd for someone to be sat in a car in this heat with all the windows wound up. I try to outstare him, but he outlandishly stares back and I feel uncomfortable.

As we pull out of the carpark, I notice there are lots of people in the parked cars. Just sat there, in the heat.
“Hmmm, I wonder...” I wonder to myself as we leave.

"Oh...", I say later that evening, doing some internet research. "Ooooh."


Shane said...


I experienced, or rather I intuited, similar Cultural Learnings upon the mound (Castle Mound / Castle Mount?), in Cambridge... Also a Saturday, quite romantic really - evening drawing in, sun yielding a crimson sky, lone men disappearing into and out of bushes... nooooooooooooo.

nuttycow said...


Yes, there are numerous places in our dear capital where you have to watch out for things like that!

Lucy said...

We have one of those areas down by the beach in my town also. Well, I heard a rumour. I would have no idea if it's true or not, obviously.

Interestingly, I read 'copse' as 'corpse' there for a minute.