Thursday, March 05, 2009

Arranging horizontal lines of twenty-six phonetic symbols, ten numbers, and eight or so punctuation marks

"How is your book going?"

My friend asked me once if I was going to write a book, and I said maybe I would, and she said I should. I said when I finally did, I would do a little dedication to her at the front. It would read "Look at what I did!"

"I'm still researching it," I answer.

"The problem is," I continue, after a sizeable pause. "I'm not sure what it's about, so the research is quite wide-ranging. The story arc is more of a vista stretching in all directions, ceasing only when the curvature of the Earth makes it so. I can't write my Victorian/ Edwardian communist detective novel yet, as I will need to research that extensively, which I will need an advance for in order to dedicate the time to. So that needs to be one of my later books, once I have cemented my reputation."

I look out of the window, adopting what I hope is a wistful look, and try to get inspired.

The passing postman looks alarmed.


Afe said...

I give this point eight points out of a possible ten.

Afe said...

Damn you, spelling error. You make me look much less witty.

To recap, I give this post eight points out of a possible ten.

Brennig said...

'Look at what I did' is a brilliant prefix for the inside coverpage.

But don't sweat the writing thing. Let it get in to your head by itself.

Shane said...

Or, '...but before I can properly research - really get a feel for - the Victorian/Edwardian age, I shall have to build my time machine...'.

It's all about the sophistication of the strategy.

Casey said...

This whole post felt like haiku, but especially the last section:

Look out the window
and try to get inspired.
Postman looks alarmed.

digressica said...

I could try to help you write this book by providing some negative motivation, i.e. that book dedication is so brilliant, that if I finish my book before you finish yours, I'm going to steal it and take all the credit.

Get cracking son.

Huw said...

A write-off...? But, but... Such pressure wouldn't leave me time to potter and faff.

digressica said...


(That was meant to sound threatening but think it may have come off as differently-abled.)

Monica said...

Perhaps if you saw my thesis dedication that would motivate you...