Thursday, January 01, 2009


-Drink more
-Change job
-Find someone who loves The Wire and is up for watching all 5 seasons in as quick succession as we can manage
-Get exceedingly drunk for a few days at the Edinburgh Festival
-Tidy room more. Or, indeed, just tidy room
-Draw up a list of anyone who has wronged me in 2008, and get revenge. REVENGE!

Check back in a year.


Curly said...

I'm sorry if I ever called you names this year.

Blonde said...

Drink more?

I discovered this blog about 5 minutes ago, and love it already.

Huw said...

Yes - I don't drink very often anymore, due to situation rather than will. And that's no fun. And my tolerance is so low at the moment to be humiliating when I do go out.