Sunday, December 21, 2008


"Where’ve you been?" I ask the slightly bats lady from work who I haven’t seen for a couple of days, as she walks in.
"Two days of compassionate leave."
"Oh gosh, right,” I say. “I hadn’t… I didn’t know. Right."
"It’s knocked the wind out of my sails. It was so sudden. He was only fifty. They think it may have been a virus."
"Oh God, I’m so sorry. Obviously, if there’s anything I can do."
"Oh, it was just the shock really. Poor Albert. I thought we’d be together until we were in our hundreds."
I don’t know what I can possibly say to this, so stare intently at my computer screen, wide-eyed at the intensity of the situation.
"That’s why I feel so cheated. They’re supposed to live well past one hundred, aren’t they, tortoises?"
My eyes widen more so.
"Gave him a nice plot by the rhubarb."


Curly said...

Bats. You must have a very compassionate boss. Two days!

Huw said...

I did ask him what the fuck he was doing, and he showed me it was an entitlement. I'm thinking maybe all my pets are going to start dying. How's he going to know otherwise...?