Saturday, November 01, 2008

You ever drunk Baileys from a shoe?

My train arrives at Paradise City at 01.30, and I stir myself from my slumber. The Otter has sent me on my drunken way from London, and I have slept with my Ipod turned up unnecessarily loud to ensure I can’t nod off too deeply. Cheers Ozomatli.

The Mighty Boosh have done a stage show in London, and as I step onto the platform I see a girl dressed as Vince, dressed as a Panda, also exiting, for want of a better word, the train. She is clearly paralytic, and the Hitcher is hoisting her along by her arms, whilst Rudi has her by the ankles.

Splendidly surreal.

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Shane said...

A lifetime ago, I saw Julian Barratt (Howard Moon?) of The Mighty Boosh doing stand-up comedy in a fairly earthy student venue. He was fantastic for not churning out the usual student-friendly nonsense about smoking dope and dodgy sex, but for going a surreal guitar-wielding wordy amble. Sadly, many of those present were thick as pig shit - unimaginative, furrowed of brow, and so on. And so, alas, it was not a performance that brought the house down. I distinctly recall one particularly gruesome female commenting 'He's mad', without any hint of playfulness of irony about her. Ho hum, hum ho.

Sounds like the kind of impact that Mr Barratt is having down your way, is a good kind of impact. More more.