Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Climatic Deviance

I'd been at my parents, and was due to drive back to mine that afternoon. My dad was fretting about a winter storm later in the day, but I was feeling a bit lazy, and it is only October after all.

The first half of the drive was a little tricky - heavy rain and people in BMWs driving somewhat suicidally regardless - but as I joined the M25 by Heathrow the traffic slowed to about 20mph. The raindrops got progressively larger and more solid, and as I approached Watford I fancied I could see some snowflakes. And then... I couldn't see anything but snowflakes. My wipers were set to 'frantic' and soon enough staying in lane was mere guesswork.

Finally my car slalomed into Paradise City and I avoided some trees which, still yet to shed leaves and therefore surprised by the excess weight, had fallen across the road.
"It's bloody October!" I thought.

My front garden. An awful picture, but trippy enough that I liked it

The grape vine and apple tree in my backgarden, straining under the weight of the snow.


Afe said...

It looks like a snowstorm in hell.

Curly said...

I like the pictures.

Lets hope for some more snow this year!! (Or SOME at least in Cardiff)

Chris Cope said...

It does look like something is on fire across the street. If Sweden and Norway went to war.