Monday, February 25, 2008


On the train to work, I've noticed a few adverts for the film Jumper placed in the carriages.

They read something like:

"If you were a Jumper, you wouldn't have to use this train!"

To the best of my knowledge, the last 'jumper' to use this trainline ended up with his head a good mile away from his feet.

I can't decide if they are being very dimwitted, or trying to be devilishly clever.


Afe said...

They're not talking about jumpers of the warm clothing variety, I assume. Which indeed do not need to use trains.

poons said...

Nice turn of phrase.


Chris said...

My mate once pointed out that the tagline of the first Ford Ka adverts, ("Get... Into... The Ka" spoken in a weird low creepy voice) made it look like the car was being driven by a cruising paedophile.

Wayne said...

I vote dimwitted.

C said...

dimwitted..i think i was the only person who enjoyed that film. Teleportation is now my favourite wannabe superpower :)

Jona said...

You caused me to giggle so suddenly, it came out as a snort!