Monday, February 18, 2008

Dead Air

I find myself stranded without my phone's charger, and a phone which is already beeping with hunger.

Eventually my phones ceases to protest, and three long days pass as it sits motionless and grey.

On the third day though, I encounter someone with a spare phone.
"Just pop your sim card in," they say. "There's plently of battery and I don't ever use it."

"Oh boy!" I think. "Three whole days of having my phone off. I'll be bombarded with messages and missed calls!"

Two days later, I get a text.

"Bollocks," I think.


Afe said...

I was going to call but, um, I got molested by a cow.

C said...

Ouch! That is a familiar we fret without our phones, only to discover the world hasn't missed us at all! :)

Shane said...

It really is shit when text messages and so on get lost in the post, kind of thing. Happens up our way too.