Monday, December 31, 2007

12 Die In 30 Minutes As Bombers Target Shite Area

In the spirit of the splendid The Electric Goose, here are some of my favourite news-type gaffes or oddities from 2007.

"Ungrateful cow snubs rescuers" Hastings and St. Leonards Observer

"Police shoot dead woman in car park" London Metro

"Arranging the death of a loved one isn’t easy" Advert in the Western Mail

"Man Who Killed Best Friend Warned to Behave" Stranraer and Wigtownshire Gazette

""Houses damaged as parts of UK struck by volcanoes" The Swindon Advertiser, confusing their volcanoes and tornadoes

"Killer Skunk Floods London" London Evening Standard billboard

"Cancer Patient Refused Treatment Because He’s Welsh" South Wales Echo billboard

"Woman shot dead by husband blames airport bosses for her death" The Argus, Sussex

Meanwhile, some lazy Copy and Pasting in the East Midlands led to this advert appearing.

And from beyond the UK:

"When Redding, a longtime scout for Playboy, discovered Smith, the model could barely right a sentence" The Houston Chronicle

"Hamlet shaken by murder then suicide" The Sydney Morning Herald


Megan said...

I bet the person selling that house was not particularly amused when they saw the advert.

Shane said...

I just met a couple who have been looking at the house that's for sale next door to our's. Immediately afterwards, my mind turned to The Lynnes. It was a nice moment.

fwengebola said...

Are you two sleeping together?

deanne said...

"Killer Skunk Floods London" - quelle whiffage!

Will said...

Ooh, I just saw this, thanks! The Hamlet one is sublime.