Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Cricklewood more than makes up for the lack of character in my house, the streets offering a whole array of personalities to amuse, entertain or mildly terrify on occasion.

I sit drinking green tea with the Iraqi owner of the nearby corner shop, exchanging news about the more extravagant characters who amble up and down the ancient Watling Street outside.

“I thought in the Middle East you guys were all about your really thick black coffee. I thought green tea was more of a Chinese thing” I say, the big fat stupid racist that I am.
“No,” Salim says, shrugging a little. “China, Pakistan, Iraq, North Africa. It is popular in lots of places.”
“Great,” I think, “a whole set of stereotypes and associations to unplug and rewire.”

An Irishman in a grubby suit arrives and demands scotch, SCOTCH!!

I feel order is restored in my simple mind.


Curly said...

You're stereotypes are better informed than mine, I didn't think that anyone in the middle east drank anything at all. It didn't cross my mind how they're all still alive..

You've gotta love the Irish.

Chris Cope said...

Thank God we can always rely on the Irish.