Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Getting A Move On

I decide it is time to leave the Care In The Community housing I seem to have inadvertently moved in to, and begin to househunt, albeit in a fairly lackadaisical way. I’m not desperate, so I don’t need to try and see flats constantly, or consider moving into a hovel, and nor can I really be bothered to travel miles and miles across town after a day at work.

One night, I see an advert for a room which sounds to be just around the corner. I get in touch and arrange the viewing, and the address I get given seems strikingly familiar. A short stroll, and my suspicions are confirmed: I find myself standing in a street, looking at a house I had previously seen when searching for somewhere to live in May. And not just visited, but really liked, only to be told they’d already shaken hands with the previous visitor. Secret househunting is clandestine enough, but going to see a house you really quite fancied you’d moved into previously is a bit akin to secretly meeting up with an old flame behind your loved one’s back.

I’m ushered into the house, and soon realise it is one of the unattractive box rooms which is on offer, not the room I saw before. I make my excuses and trudge home, still feeling a twinge of guilt at my duplicity. I enter the kitchen and encounter a housemate, who quickly scuttles away without responding to my greeting.

“Actually,” I resolve, “Fuck ‘em.”


Curly said...

As well as being something to do in an evening, house hunting can be a great way of just getting out and meeting people! It's not the traditional way, but I find it kind of fun!

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Will said...

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Great blog, by the way.

Dancinfairy said...

House hunting can be good - I love looking at where other people live, nosey I guess but it is better on a Sunday afternoon when you are bored and just go into an estate agent and get them to show you houses that you cannot afford. Cheaper than going to the pub and you get to see how bad other people's furniture is!