Monday, June 04, 2007

This Is Not A [Olympic] Logo

This? THIS!??!

My first impression was that it looks a bit like a Daniel Libeskind building – lots of shapes and angles, but hardly much to look at – and I don’t think there’s too much shame in admitting I didn’t actually realise what it’s supposed to be until I was told (everyone can see what it’s supposed to be, right? They’re numbers!).

I’ve been enjoying listening to some of the frustrating fanfare though. ‘Minister for the Olymics’ Tessa Jowell has tubthumped that the logo “is an iconic brand that sums up what London 2012 is all about!!!!”. What’s that then? Pink, cluttered and a bit messy? In the immediate aftermath, most of the media reports were all fairly full of wank speak too; no doubt lazy journalists with nothing to refer to but a gushing press release and a deadline to meet being responsible for the rather impartiality-free reports employing words like “bold” and “dynamic”. The verbal coup de grâce of today’s episode was perhaps delivered by former Olympic gold medallist Denise Lewis though, who, standing in front of the large logo, gestured to the large logo and gravely informed us that “this is not a logo”. “What is it? What is it?” the country clamoured collectively. “It is a state of mind, an attitude”. René Magritte would have been proud.

What really struck me though was the cost of thing. Apparently £400,000 has been lavished to get to this stage. That’s the equivalent to the GDP of India. Now, I’ve been doing some calculations, and here are my entirely speculative workings on how much this sort of thing should cost:

2 months wages for four creative consultants from some wanky agency - £20000
16 packets of Crayola Crayons for the four creative consultants from some wanky agency - £40
Sandwiches from Pret for numerous brainstorming sessions for the four creative consultants from some wanky agency - £180
Getting members of the public to attend focus groups at the wanky agency - £900
Lacklusture promo film - £8000
Printing costs and that sort of thing - £19000
Hiring a conference hall for this morning's unveiling of the logo - £10000

Total - £58120

Now that’s quite a deficit. They should have asked me really. I’ve not been too busy recently, and I would have gone to Greggs rather than Pret for my sandwiches and everything. Here’s my initial pitch

My alternative tagline would be “Giving the Australians yet another thing to gloat about”.


Afe said...

At first I was shocked. Then I was angry. Now I just can't get away from the comparisons to "Lisa Simpson giving head".

Sister Louise said...

Hi I've asked the creatives in my agency what they think...I'll get back to you...

Chris said...

I feel a bit timid saying this but ... I actually quite like it. I hated it at first, but after a couple of days I like it, just wish it were a different colour. Evidently this is why I do not work as a graffic designer.

Shane said...

The Denise Lewis quote is a peach - reminiscent of the slightly thick football man who happens to have landed a big managerial job but who lacks the wit to make intelligible or interesting comments. Thoughts of Steve McLaren - the thinking man's bluffer - spring to mind.

Dancinfairy said...

I love all the emails I am getting about it though. Thay make me chuckle.

I think they should have just done a competition and had the public vote.

Mind you, when the British public have to vote for something they never agree with me so we would have probably ended up with something just as shit.

Megan said...

Am I mistaken, or did I hear something in the news about an advert using this olympic logo that was pulled due to its potential to cause seizures?
I had no clue that it was numbers. I feel slightly shamed by that now.

Monica said...

Look, we could all kick up a fuss and try to get it changed, but we know that that price tag won't be less than £ 800k.

Note to self: do not move to Denver. Ugh.

Sister Bridget said...

It's supposed to be numbers? Really?! Looks more like Harry Potter's scar than a number 2 (number 2 - ha! Now that would have been creative...) Much prefer your idea Huw. Have you ever tried getting into the wanky agency line of work?

Sister Louise said...

Gosh us Sisters really are groupies aren't we...I see Bridget's been on here but I found you first! Just to repot back that the creatives at work think the logo is 'crap'...that's as much creative disection as they could muster and usually they groan on for hours about stuff. BTW have written a cat blog...check it out, I know you like cat blogs!

Huw said...

SB: Strictly freelance wanky work.

SL: Cats!? I'm there.

Sister Bridget said...

Good to be back to some good old fashioned blogging banter Huw! Although no matter how loyal we are you never seem to put us as one of your favourites? Now what's that about?!!!

Will keep an eye out for some freelance wanky agency jobs..

Shane said...

And now it dawns on me... the logo design episode was the one episode of The Apprentice that they never aired. It all makes so much sense now.

Lucy said...

More like: 'By the second week you'll be: Is that still on?'

Sorry. Have nothing intelligent to offer.