Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Twice As Clean

“I’ve come to do the windows,” says the Window Cleaner, stood at the door of my parents’ house. I don’t really know how I’m supposed to respond to this, so I shrug a “Very well” at him. It seems to do.

I head back upstairs and get back to work on the computer. I say work, but I mostly mean having the relevant window open, whilst using the internet to let me arse around and wonder about things like is there really any need for a sequel to 28 Days Later? Soon enough I hear the ladder being placed against the house and the “clunk clunk” of an approaching Window Cleaner. I feel distracted enough without having someone watch me, so I head downstairs for a biscuit.

I get downstairs and pass a window, and the Window Cleaner is there, cleaning that one too.
“That was bloody fast,” I muse. “A moment ago he was just soaping up upstairs, and then he beat me down here.”
I return upstairs, but am perplexed: he’s still at that first window.
“What the hell is going on?” I wonder.

My parents have identical twin Window Cleaners!!

I cannot help but rejoice at this discovery; I find it strangely excellent. Any hope of work is out the window (as it were), as I then have to spent the rest of the time they are there trying to think of some advertising tagline they could have to promote their rather unique selling point. I fail pretty miserably though, but think to myself it is the sort of thing Will would probably be very good at.


Afe said...

Ah, zombie films. They just keep coming back to life.

The original was so good that a sequel is bound to suck wind. This one does feature Rose Byrne though, my Australian lover, which is a plus.

Will said...

"Twindow cleaners: the double glazing team who're doppelganging up on dirt."

Sorry, have I just taken your very kind compliment and pissed it back in your face?

Me Over Here said...

Twindow cleaners!!! I absolutely love it, how clever!

fwengebola said...

I was once having productive 'Me' time when I heard clunking and squeaking. I turned round to see the window cleaner staring at the porn I was studying.
True story. Sadly.

Curly said...

My head has been churning over this one all night, I log on today to find that Will has come up with the best pun possible. I'll continue my search for another...

Huw said...

Yes, I think Will has got it tied up already; I'll pass it onto them next time I see them.

But keep thinking!

Sister Louise said...

I have endeavoured to come up with something better than Twindow cleaners all b/h weekend but failed miserably. Boo hoo!