Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I’d been enjoying the fact spring had sprung these past few weeks, but lying in bed this morning I was reminded of one of the downsides: queen wasps, on the hunt for somewhere to call home for the summer.

At about 6am, I was awoken by the sound of a large wasp buzzing at the window near my head, trapped between the drawn curtains and the glass. I could hear the sound of its head bumping against the window over and over again, the volume of its buzzing increasing with confusion and irritation. What made it worse was that I knew the window was wide open, if it could just manage to find its way back out. But no, fat chance of that, and I was far too tired and optimistic to get up and help it. So it continued to buzz. And buzz.

“Vespula vulgaris!” I cursed, burying my head under my pillow. “So loud! So early!”

8am, and my alarm sounded, and the wasp was still there. I got out of bed and opened my curtains, determined to usher this troublesome waspish gadfly onwards and outwards. No sooner were my curtains open, and the wasp nonchalantly flew out of the window of its own accord.


Sister Louise said...

Vespula Vulgaris? That's posh Huw! I can guess what vulgaris is, but think I need to look up Vespula...sounds very Harry Potterish.

Me Over Here said...

Red hornets have found a small crack (which I have yet to find) in my bedroom window, so I have about 2 at a time buzzing near me on a daily basis. I hate that head-hitting noise.

Lippy said...

It's a little-known fact that wasps are actually highly intelligent with a twisted sense of humour. Much like the Universe. They know mindless buzzing and bumping against windows drives us nuts, so they do it deliberately, just to mess with us. Consequently, I have absolutely no compunction whatsoever in emptying an entire can of flyspray on them. Just to be sure they're really, really dead.