Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Say Cheese

I am eating spaghetti with someone, whose name will be omitted for their own sake, when they looked at the parmesan cheese sat on the table.

“Huh, this packaging says this cheese contains cow’s milk. That’s weird.”
“Why?” I ask, “Does it have to be goat’s milk to be authentic parmesan or something?”
“I don’t know,” they say, “I just think it’s odd that you’d put milk in cheese.”
“Just seems a bit weird. Milk. In cheese.”
“Well, you just don’t think of milk being something you’d put in cheese, do you?”
My incredulous stare makes them realise they have said something wrong, and they hastily try to change the subject.
“No wait,” I say, drawing them back. “You thought cheese wasn’t made using milk?”
“Look,” they say curtly, “I’d just never thought about it before.”
“But you knew it was a dairy product, right? What did you think that meant?”
“Just forget it.”
“Did you think cheese was a by-product of industry or something? Like marmite?”
“Look, leave me alone. I’m tired.”


Anonymous said...

OK, now you're going to make up some nonsense about cheeseburgers containing beef.

Curly said...

Man, cheese conversations seem to be cropping up all over the place recently.

Indeed it'd be odd if you put the milk in on top of the cheese, similar to pouring flour onto a loaf of bread before eating it.

Anonymous said...

Cheese comes from the Moon, doesn't it? And everyone knows there's no milk on the Moon.

Mary said...

Thanks, I needed that laugh.

conroy bumpas said...

i was in the hair dressers and teh costomer next to me a man in his 60's

man "my hair always gets grasy when its been cut"

barber "relly?"

man "does hair bleed?"

i almost started crying with laughter

Lippy said...

hee hee hee... I'm glad it's not just me who has these entertaining little breaks with reality...