Thursday, January 11, 2007

Don Mess

A British superdon went on a one man crime-spree in Atlanta last week. Upwards of five heroic members of the local police force rushed to put an end to the academic's rampage, with the arresting officer modestly claiming to have used "an excessive amount of discretion" when asked to detail how he had risked his life to wrestle the lout to the ground. Despite the heinious nature of his crimes, charges were dropped the next day. A travesty of the justice system.

See the 56-year-old thug's account of events here, in which he reveals himself to be perhaps the poshest sounding person on planet Earth.


Me Over Here said...

(Happy Birthday!)

LĂ©onie said...

My favourite bit is where he describes a bomber jacket as a "jerkin with a zip front".


Chris said...

Classic. Good to see those doddering english professor stereotypes being upheld.