Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Couple of Things

I’m being prompted to switch over to Blogger Beta a fair bit.* I’m resisting so far because, well, I fear change. I mean, doesn’t beta mean, in the computer software context, that something is just a trial version, yet unfinished and for all we know unstable? There’s over 260 posts on this bad boy, spanning two years. Do I really want to switch those over to act as some sort of dummy run? Would you switch to beta banking? Not having switched is playing havoc with my attempts to comment on some of your beta blogs mind.

*I’m informed once I switch, I’ll have to sign in using my google account. How does Blogger know I have a google account? I’ve never told it. Or is it presuming? So many questions doth Blogger Beta cause to rumble in mine mind.

Secondly, if you haven’t yet heard, there’s a nice little project going over at The Insignificant Awards, organised by An Unreliable Witness and Andre (I think). Aiming to offer some recognition to the smaller blogs out there, they’re asking people to nominate their favourite unsung blogging heros. So, if you know someone who only gets 3 comments per genius post, that’s the place to sing their praises. Or somewhere to find some new reading material. Some deluded fool has already nominated me.


Anonymous said...

Blogger is just assuming you ahve a google account. Which I think is a bit rude. If you don't though you have an option to open one when you switch.

I like beta, I like posting with it and playing around with my blog is a million times easier. I do not like the fact that I have to sign in with my google account, which I cannot do from work so all of my comments are now anonymous. And I cannot post from work either, unless I do so by email.

Pro's and cons definately.


P.s. If you are having trouble commenting on beta blogs press the preview comment button before the publish button. That may solve it!

Crystal said...

i am a little offended about the whole google account assumption too. what does that say about me? what kind of woman does it think i am? huh? does it think i just sit at the effing computer all day and do whatever it effing tells me to?

well, i do.

but still.

it is rude to make assumptions.

Will said...


Anonymous said...

I was also apprehensive but so far so good (been at least a month now.)

Best thing: it seems the "publishing" step of posting has been eliminated. Whereas before the switch I would hit "publish" and it would give you that ticking clock, sometimes the post would appear, sometimes it wouldn't. That's all gone now, it publishes instantly. Hurrah!

Also it removes that retarded spellcheck box, and replaces it with a proper spelling system.

Huw said...

Does the new spellcheck now recognise Blog and Blogger I wonder?

Huw said...

Dancinfairy - the preview trick works!

Anonymous said...

There's some neat new features such as instant publishing (at last!) and playing with all the widgets is easy and fun.

That sounds rude, doesn't it. Tisn't though...

christianoshi said...

Ha! I had exactly the same fear even though I consider 'Change is like breathing' my motto.

I feel more confident about switching having read the above comments. Anything to ease the publishing process.