Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bizarre late night conversation/ Sweet FA

Sunday 1.20am **Withheld Number**

Me [kebabing]: Ello?
They: This is Romeo 9. Do you copy?
M: Foxtrot Alpha, I read you.
T: Who is that?
M: Foxtrot Alpha. Awaiting further instructions.
T: Can you confirm this is Delta 3 9.
M: Negative. This is Foxtrot Alpha.
T: Foxtrot Alpha, there seems to be some confusion. We need all Delta operatives active now.
M: Romeo 9. I am on standby, awaiting further instruction from HQ. Crossed communication seems suspect. I am concerned we have been compromised.
T: Foxtrot Alpha, confirm your location.
M: Negative Romeo 9.
T: Confirm Position!
M: Negative Romeo 9. I am concerned this line isn’t secure. I am terminating transmission.
T: Well fuck you!

Sunday 1.29am **Withheld Number**

M: Foxtrot Alpha.
T: Foxtrot Alpha, Foxtrot Alpha, are you there?
M: I read you, over.
T: Foxtrot Alpha, we are calling all Foxtrot operatives in for immediate debrief.
M: Roger that Romeo 9. Immediately standing down and abandoning the O.P.
T: Roger that. Proceed to 55 Inverness Street for debrief.
M: Approximately 5 clicks away. Rendezvous in Camden Town ASAP. Over and out.

I am a prank caller’s dream come true.


greavsie said...

No Foxtrot Oscar then?

AnonymousCoworker said...

Were you able to recover the item? Was the mission compromised?

Huw said...

Greavsie: Just a Whiskey India November Delta Uniform Papa...

ACW: The kebab was sent to the secret lab for analysis.

Dancinfairy said...

I have read this post twice and I still cannot think of a comment.

I think it is because I am a girl.

Curly said...

Any ideas yet who might have wanted to ring you up and talk shit for a little while?

Léonie said...

That was ME! You ruined that whole operation.

I shall have to call the CIA at once, on my big red 1970s phone.

You bugger.

Huw said...

Curly - I have my suspicions (Léonie is now on the list). I don't buy that someone just punched in a random number: no-one does that anymore.