Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Suppose, purely hypothetically, that you had a neighbour who you thought was… you know… a bit of a fucking twat. And let us further postulate that that neighbour had once mentioned that if you turned the bass up on your stereo then the bassline could really be heard – and indeed felt – nextdoor. Now, in this totally philosophical vignette I have provided you with, what tunes with meaty basslines might you purposely play? You know, hypothetically. In this imaginary scenario, your main concern would just be the aptitude of the bassline to ‘throb’ (that’s the technical term) through a couple of walls whilst you popped out to the shops.

Pure conjecture so far leads me to believe the following tunes are quite effective. Er, I mean would be quite effective. You know, if someone were to. In theory.

Hyper Music – Muse
Doesn’t Matter – The Chemical Brothers
King Of The Beats – Aphrodite

I need more though. For my hypothetical theory.


Frogma said...

Kruder & Dorfmeister - (Bomb The Bass) Bug Powder Dust

You'd want to stay in and listen to it though.

Chris said...

Nice... testing your hypothesis has given a nice theme to my Edinburgh Job Hunting playlist. So far I have found that Raw as Fuck by the Freestylers should do the trick nicely, hypothetically of course. As should track 16, the Chris SU/SKC one (no track title upon my mp3 I'm afraid) off the High Contrast Fabric Live CD. It is a genuine window rattler.
It's an oldie but a good 'un. Have you thought of the Run Lola Run soundtrack? That is more full of sinister rumbling noises than a hoodie-wearing crackhead.
You've already got my number 1. That Chemical Brothers track has woken plenty of my flatmates over the years. Right, anyway, back to job hunting.

Tim-tambolini said...

How about The Tragically Hip's "Blowin' High Dough"...really, anything by them should do a good job I would think...hypothetically speaking.

Curly said...

Oh goodie. As a perpetrator of using this method to annoy my housemate, I have discovered that the Prodigy are verging on being the perfect weapon.

Diesel Power is my favourite, followed by Spitfire and the Pendulum remix of Voodoo people.

Leftfield's 'Phat Planet' (Guinness Advert with the surfer music) also has enough bass to cause minor earthquakes.

NWA - Straight outta compton

CJ Bolland - The Tingler, nothing but a beat for the first few minutes...

For the full package, bass & treble - I'd personally go for Josh Wink's 'Higher State of Conciousness'.

I imagine playing any of these at very loud volumes would be very satisfying.

AnonymousCoworker said...

The most recent Gorrilaz album has some deep bassy moments.

And all of the Low End Theory by A Tribe Called Quest. Particulalry "Buggin' Out".

Soul Coughing also gets quite low at times. You might try the Irresistable Bliss album.

Jona said...

You're, hypothetically, quite wicked ;o)

Raggedy said...

Iron Butterfly~Inna Gadda Da Vida

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) huge huggles
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

kronleo said...

mint blog ;)

Becca said...

Just had a message form Tufnell Park Towers that the evil ones are moving out - i can feel a party coming on! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

hope you're coolio, i'm popping round tonight so see you if you're in!

becca x

Will said...

Milo's Drop the Pressure is incredibly effective.