Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pissy Bitch Moan

This last fortnight has required a lot of tongue biting. Tomorrow marks the last day of it, and I no longer have to resist the urge to snarl "what are you going to do? Fire me?" which has been consuming me for the past couple of weeks with each unreasonable request made of me (I’m not kidding. Yesterday saw me wading through clumps of manky human hair samples. Some of which belonged to people who are now dead. And no, it wasn’t in the job description). One more day… and then I’m done.

I never write in depth about work as I really wouldn’t have much nice to say – a fact Lanette can attest to, met as she is pretty much each morning with a hissing email starting with something along the lines of "You’ll never guess what they did this time" – but I think it’s fair to say I’ve been treated with an unhealthy dose of disrespect here, particularly over the last 7 months, but as of tomorrow at 5 o’clock it’s over.

Or 6 o’clock.

Or 7 o’clock.

Or whenever they stop finding shitty little things for me to do to prolong my torment. Bastards.


Raggedy said...

Your allowed to gripe..
Ewwwwwwwww on the hair sample thing.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Huw said...

Halfway through the day, and so far so good. Nothing too awful has happened yet.

Me Over Here said...

I'm pulling for you! I'm so happy today's your last day. I think, before you go, you should pile a bunch of sweaty towels and semi-damp rags on each of their desks...wouldn't it be sweet?

I love you.

becca said...

you should poo on the evil ones desk. or alternatively, get some prawns or something equally fishy and secrete them around the office so they start too smell and she'll never find them.

have a good one tomorrow, you might aswell just tell them they are wankers and to fack off!

love bec

Will said...

By the way, did you ever catch pneumonia off your co-worker?

Huw said...

Well, we managed to get to two hours before I was due to finish and then the storm broke, meaning I left under a cloud. At 7 c'clock. Befitting.

Will: Fortunately I avoided it. Unfortunately it is predicted she'll make a full recovery. Bah.

Curly said...

Many congratulations on finally jumping ship!

The next couple of weeks will seem like absolute heaven in comparison to the last.

Chris said...

Like some kind of Houdini of wankers you are free again. Good on you young man, though I suspect escaping the irritating co-workers was more a happy bonus than the main goal.

Jona said...

Will somebody please tell me what's going on?! Are you living in London or Oxford? Did you visit Oxford because that's where you're going, or was it a holiday break before you go elsewhere? Where are you by now? I'm confused! And you're making it worse!!

Matt said...

Congrats on your newly found freedom! What are you up to now? Post soon, goddammit!