Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Don't Call It A Comeback

I promise I will write something soon. I know lately things have been a bit quiet in these parts, and in many ways My Thoughts Exactly has gone off the boil for much of 2006 (less cheering at the back please). Lately, the things that I do have to write about just seem a little too big to know where to start or to find the time to start, and other stuff which might usually take its place isn’t springing to mind like it usually does. In the last 2 weeks there have been two posts which I’ve electronically scrawled across with cries of "no, no! This is all wrong! Wrong!!!"*

But like I said, this gradual decline seems like quite a fair reflection of 2006 as a whole round these parts. Let’s look at the evidence.

January – 12 posts (and largely good ones at that, I’d say)
February – 11 posts
March – 6 (much of March saw me take a break but 6 posts were nonetheless forthcoming, which is rather respectable all things considered I’d say)
April – 6
May – 6
June – 2 (3 if you’ll let me have this one too)

This dwindling in posts has made me wonder whether I’ve had enough of this shebang. Back in the New Year I went on holiday, and yet still managed still to post twice. That’s actually kind of absurd, as I had much better things to be getting on with, but I think it just illustrates the point that whereas I used to blog about the daily stuff, nowadays I just don’t.**

Lanette provides me with a great outlet for all my thoughts, opinions and happenings, be they mundane (often) or eventful (less so): remarkably she has yet to reach the point where she finds my drivel tiresome. It's a lot easier to rant or philosophise to her – be it about arriving at work each morning to be faced with the-girl-I-share-an-office-with's annoying and all too frequent habit of using my desk as somewhere to hang her damp towel to dry after she's been to the gym (and trust me, I have many dark thoughts about that one) or how I’m going to write a terse letter to McVities after one of their digestives left me with something sharp imbedded in the roof of my mouth – than to sit down and scratch my head as to how to get it all into a bloggable order. It's also a lot more satisfying too.

I think all bloggers, if they find themselves going a week without wanting to write anything, occasionally find themselves wondering ‘have I said everything I wanted to say on this thing?’ and this is a thought that has plagued me once or twice recently. But then, it’s a thought that’s always plagued me to a varying extent from day one (or at least day eight or nine). I think all bloggers who manage to continue this habit are prone to wondering what they have started, creating this beast which constantly requires nourishment. A literary tamagotchi if you will.

And so, no, I don’t think I’m near stopping, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever want to stop journalising in one form or another. I think I just have an extended bout of Blogger’s Constipation, and stuff will eventually start to appear here again with a frequency more to my liking. In the meantime, you’ll just have to put up with dropping by to the blogging equivalent of the door of an occupied toilet, and the strains of me going "HhhhNnnng! HhhhhNnnnng!"

*But one of those posts was going to enable me to dazzle you with the fact that lightning is able to strike 10 miles from the storm that created it, and I don’t want that snippet of trivia to be consigned to aborted post oblivion. I mean, there’s not knowing what hit you, and there’s really not knowing what hit you.

**Although bless the forty or so of you who still take the time to drop by each day even though there’s been little reason to. Even though the vast majority of you only seem to come here hunting Google Image searches of the Yorkshire Dales. Do you know how irritating that is, to be Google UK’s (and possibly .com’s too, I haven’t checked) no.1 image search return for the Yorkshire Dales, when I’ve NEVER hosted an image of any part of Yorkshire, east north or west, having merely made passing mention and linkage of the place a measly once (ditto Teddy Bloody Sheringham)? And with all these Yorkshire Dale mentions I’ve now just made, it’s only going to get worse).


Coming soon on My Thoughts Exactly: A wedding, an audience with a famous blogger, conflict, and a relocation.


emaleejayne said...

Relocation? Do tell!

Raggedy said...

A wedding? A famous blogger? A conflict? A relocation? I think you are holding back big time. Welcome back! I don't use your google but I check here every day to see if you have anything to say. Many are taking some time off from blogging and enjoying summer. It was good to hear from you again. Hugs and have a wonderful day!

Me Over Here said...

You know how I feel about this blog post because you know how I feel about everything! And even I, my dear, am curious about your upcoming posts...

(If I can get mushy for a second, I'm so proud that I have someone so intelligent who has such a way with words as my boyfriend. Okay, done!)

Jona said...

It wasn't a McVites Boaster was it? I had gravel instead of a huzelnut once! Totally ruins wanting to eat them forever :o(

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I love this: A b**g that says someday I am going to write a b**g.

(Everybody -- except me -- has had days like that. I am too perfect to beg off.)

Monica said...

Again, I choose to blame the myspace. Root of all evil, that.

Banksy said...

You think Yorkshire Dales is bad. My visit stats went through the roof when I commented, adversely, on Vauxhall's use of the Rock Island Line on their ads.

The world and his bloomin' wife turned up at me blog having googled for the sodding music.

Jokes on them though...because I got the wrong damn singer.

I deleted the post, but they're still turning up.

Dancinfairy said...

A literary tamagotchi.

Perfect. That is exactly how it can feel sometimes.

You sure know how to keep us interested though....coming soon. I like it.

becca said...

i'm polishing my spurs and donning the 10 gallon hat in readiness............

Matt said...

I hope you keep this blog going, Huw. Every post is very amusing, and I know how difficult it can be to consistently produce entertaining material.

A few years ago, I started my first blog and I vowed to not post my thoughts unless I thought they were amusing. In the end it just led to burnout because I was trying to force posts every day by thinking up humourous events, which just had me resenting the blog. So I deleted it, and only came back to blogging a year or so later when I decided to be totally dull and boring, hence the lack of readership.

So I have much respect for your blog and your decision to reassess the position, but I hope you can find that spark again that prompted you to begin back in Dec 2004. It would be a shame if we never read your exact thoughts again...

Lauren said...

My favorite blogs have all been seemingly on hiatus for a while now. . .I think it's some sort of trend. But I, like you, think it's just a trend (at least for me), and not something indicative of a permanent end to blogging.

I still stop by and read your stuff, though, so I look forward to future posts!