Sunday, March 26, 2006

Different Entertainment, Different Birds

Having discovered that I'm just not cut out for the rock'n'roll lifestyle anymore, I retired to my parents' house for some out of town retreat r'n'r of the less strenuous kind. Any further confirmation I sought of my advancing prosaic lifestyle was provided by the excitement I derived from indulging in a bit of garden bird-watching. In particular, was the fact that I spotted a visitor which I'd never seen in my 25 previous years.

"A brambling! A brambling!" I cried in excitement, until my jumping up and down scared him away. But not before I managed to take a rather poor photograph.

Click for biggerness

It was certainly more noteworthy to my mind than the Ferne Cotton spot the previous week. Dear me.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Did you get to share this with anyone? Nice find!

Astrid said...

Do you own a special pair of birding-binoculars or do you just have the eyes for it? And enjoy the rest of your mini-holiday!

Huw said...

Hoss - Despite my own scarce experience of the brambling, I don't think it qualifies as nearly rare enough to be noteworthy enough to share with anyone. I just thought i'd inflict it on you lot.

Astrid - No binoculars here. I'm a purist, and that's taking things a little far.

Jona said...

If you're good with bids, maybe you can help me! Yesterday I was followed home by a cheeky bird, slightly smaller than a magpie (though it moved like a magpie), pale overall but with markings, straight beak, with a flash of blue across it's back. Any ideas? I'm stumped.

Huw said...

Jona - I've been trying to think. Initially, I thought a Bluethroat, as given your location it fits in with it's Spring flight path. But, obviously, the whole blue throat instead of back doesn't work.

The Magpie comparison made me think of a Jay, but then I imagined you'd know what one of those look like already. If it is a Jay, feed him some nuts, and he'll be your friend forever.

Banksy said...

It's like having a hotline to Bill Oddie.


Huw, are you going to share with us the reaons behind your blogging hiatus?

After all, we shared so much with you while you were away, some of us rather more than we should have done..ahem.

What gives, was ass kicked?

Huw said...

I suppose some sort of explanation is in order. Let me think how to put this: I think it’s always wise to be reluctant to discuss some matters on t’internet, as once you write something – regardless of the fact it may just be a transient recording of what you were feeling etc at a specific time – once written, it’s there set – or rather hardwired – in stone, making the whole thing a bit more permanent.

What I will reveal is that it was a ‘professional’ issue (no, I don’t mean I hired a hitman. I mean work related rather than something a bit more personal and juicy), in that I found out that some people where I work, who I’d naively not given much thought to, were in fact the sort of people you’d be very unwise to present an assortment of knives to and then briskly turn your back on. This is, after all, academia: who gives enough of a shit for all that nonsense? At the time of my discovery I was solely in charge of a project which had about 3 weeks left on it, and it was just a case of doing some uber-brown nosing to the boss and making sure everything about it was completely air-tight so as to protect aforementioned back as much as possible. It was a success.

In truth, there was also the fact that I’d been working 6 day weeks for the previous 6 weeks – occasionally doing 13 hour days (boo hoo, poor me etc etc) – and would be continuing to do so, and was just finding it hard to get stuff posted. When the whole watchyourbackgate came into play too, it seemed like a break was a good idea.

There. I hope that was too anti-climatic for you.

P.S. Banksy, I’d always wondered. That mad woman: she wasn’t your wife was she?

LĂ©onie said...

A brambling? Is that a real name? It sounds like a smaller version of a bramb. A mini-bramb, perhaps.

Is a bramb a bird-type?

I am also curious as to how Jona's bird that followed him was cheeky? Was it winking and telling saucy jokes?

I am ornithogically-challenged, please enlighten.

Jona said...

Hi Huw, thanks for trying, but it was neither of those - I shall have to try and get a picture when he shows up again :o)

And when I said cheeky, I suppose I meant brave, and he did follow our route home and bounced across our lawn as we came up the driveway which makes him inquisitive ;o)

Huw said...

Jona: I am not finished yet!

Hmmmm. Perhaps it was a Wheatear? Or maybe it could have bee a White Wagtail?

Banksy said...

Hi Huw,

Cheers, sorry to be nosy, but I am a hack.

No, she wasn't my wife. There but for the grace of God.

It was a whirlwind sort of thing and she ended up living with me for a short time and it was about two days into it that I realised she was absolutely feckin' barking.

Cue one month of absolute trauma, culminating in the push-up bra massacre, the day before she left.

All v rum at the time, but now I can look back at it and a manic cackling sort of way.

Anyway, glad you got it sorted and the back remains, as yet, unpunctured.

Curly said...

I saw six Red kites on Sunday.

(a brave attempt at out-doing the Brambling)

My birds would have beaten up your birds.

Me Over Here said...

Jona--if there's one thing I've learned about Huw, it's that he doesn't give up I'm sure he'll find your birdie soon.

Huw--I'll prepare for your next Down South visit by buying a special pair of Birdie Binocs, just so you can enjoy the sites without owning up to the fact that you TOTALLY wanted a pair of Birdie Binocs.

Crystal said...


a brambling! a brambling!