Friday, February 03, 2006

Tax On The Stupid

I have got caught up in the spirit of the day and purchased a ticket for the European Lottery, for which the jackpot this evening stands at an estimated 183,000,000 Euros.

I normally don't play the lottery. I see the normal jackpot of £14 million or so and, well, sort of think "meh, it's only £14 million, what good would that do me?". I can take it or leave it. However, I see £120 million, and think "yeah, actually I could do with that."

Yes yes, I've heard all the "same chance as winning on a roulette wheel 75 miles in diameter" facts, but still, it's exciting. I may even have to buy another ticket this lunchtime; I mean, that would, like, double my chances. I'd be almost guaranteed!

Anyway, to try and help you share my excitement, should I win the jackpot, I solemnly promise to award €10,000 each to the first ten commenters.



emaleejayne said...

Hey you watch it Mr! Thats MY 183,000,00 Euros!

But I'd welcome 10,000 if it becomes yours!

Me Over Here said...

Now, I'm all for the whole "sharing the wealth" thing, but you just make sure you have enough left over to have me visit...and maybe stay.

Of course, with 183,000,000 Euros, I'm sure that could be arranged.

And I'll take my 10,000 in small bills, thanks.

Cleavers said...

Can I have $13,771 Canadian instead please?

Ta Muchly

y-vonne said...

Shucks, Cleavers, you stole my tunder (spelled like an East Coaster on purpose). By tundering Jesus, that would be - what - a gajillion Canadian dollars, right huw?

AnonymousCoworker said...

Next time just send ME the money you spent on lottery tickets. Your results will be the same.

Will Shady said...

Me too, dawg. I bought myself a powerball cuz it's at 180 million here in New Mexico. I don't know how much €10,000 is but you can send it my way. Help me get those numbers on my student loan statement down to a zero. Good luck cuz you're gonna need it like I am. Do you guys have scratchies? U know scratch offs. U should send one my way.

Jona said...

Wow, I'm wondering how many numbers do you have to choose and whether it would be worth buying every possible combination! Though if you could afford to do that, then you probably wouldn't need the money in the first place ;o) We don't even have the British lottery over here just the local one that reaches to nearly 90k if you're lucky , so I don't bother as I can't really afford a ticket in the first place! In truth I couldn't even imagine what I would do with that much money - but I would share, I swear!

lindsay said...

Dear Huw,

I know we are not BFF, but we are sort of BFF by proxy, through Chris.
I would be very excited to have 10k Euro. It would greatly improve my life.

In conclusion, pick me.
You are very handsome!
Kisses from LA,

Monica said...

Lottery: a tax on people who are bad at math.

Whitford said...

Show me the Monet.

Tim-tambolini said...

I'm WAY late in commenting (well, only number 11), but you didn't win anyway, I see, so I'm not fretting about it.

SelBel said...

In response to Jona:

You could have brought every possible number combination for a meer £114,000,000 (should you have that in loose change!) which could have lead to a £11,000,000 profit.

As it was the jackpot was shared by 3 people so in fact you would have lost about £72,000,000. And felt very silly.

On the bright side, I won £7.10!