Sunday, February 05, 2006

I finally find something to put in that 'About Me' bit

Whitfud emails me.

My girlfriend has recently, Whitfud notes, referred to me as her "very own Seth Cohen". Whiftfud doesn’t watch much TV, and The OC isn’t the sort of thing he’d go in for on the occasions he does. It would probably clash with a documentary on the history of German art house cinema on BBC4 anyway. That said, Eddie and I found it was possible to draw him into the wonderful world of Aussie soap Neighbours with gradually increased exposure and frequent discussion of the plots (as they were). Sky Mangel helped too.

Anyway, not knowing much of The OC, Whitfud headed over to the Fox Website and found the following description of Seth:

"an existential hero in the spirit of Holden Caulfield, Benjamin Braddock or any John Cusack character from the late '80s ... socially awkward, a bit of a wise-ass and, despite his best efforts to appear otherwise, full of longing ... From the outside it looks like Seth has it all but, like his father, he senses there is something else out there … and he yearns for it."

"She has," Whitfud observed, "got your number."

This isn’t the first time my girlfriend has seemingly complimented me, only for the secondary implications to gradually occur to me a few days later. She has, in the past - and, no less, on separate occasions - told me that I have "really nice" ears and eyebrows. Naturally, initially I was super pleased to hear this. Slowly though, it has dawned on me that those features combined make up, at best, 5% of the surface area of my body.

N.B. Please note, it goes without saying that she says many many other things about me which are kinder and more generous than I deserve.


dotdotdot said...

Ear and eyebrows? Wow, she knows how to flatter! You realise that Seth is also the world's biggest geek? A nerd with nice ears and eyebrows, you have it made!

Huw said...

Like the good people of Fox said, it's not "nerd", it's "socially awkward".

I generally find a raffish waggle of my nice ears will grant me acceptance to even the most discerning of society's circles though.

Jona said...

Lol! Don't worry Huw, the way she writes about you we're all a smidge in love with you ;o)

Chris said...

An ex once said that she loved how I looked because I bore a striking resemblance to Grommit (from Wallace and Grommit). In particular the long suffering eyes and the expressive monobrow. Needless to say, we are no longer together.

Huw said...

Are you sure it wasn't because of your insistence on knitting in the bedroom? You kinky fellow.

Me Over Here said...

Now, I'm not sure if this was a "good for Lanette" or "bad for Lanette" post, but I will say this in response to the ears and eyebrows thing:

It's hard to find a guy with nice, neat, SEPARATE eyebrows. When you find someone with 'brows as nice as yours, you are left with no choice but to compliment them.

And, I've never dated a guy who didn't have the fumbliest of ears attached to his head. Yours are so small and so's something I'm thankful for!

The rest of you ain't half bad either, boyfriend. (And thanks, Jona).

Tim-tambolini said...

I definately agree with Jona.

I also understand completely what Lanette is expressing. My last three boyfriends, current one included, has a brow that joins in the middle. Good thing for him he's a redhead and you can't really see those joining hairs. He sometimes shaves them. Huw, you should consider yourself lucky to have two separate brows AND to have a girlfriend who notices such things.

And ears! Ears are very important. No man will get very far with me for having big, sticky-out, hairy, or oddly shaped ears. I am the first to compliment on having nice, small, cute ears. And if the man is so lucky, I may even put the tip of my nose very, very close to his ear and breath in the very scent of his being!

he-hem...I've gotta go.

Lindsey said...

LOL....haha. I hope you are returning the compliment. Women love these you know.

deanne said...

Hey I got told I had nice ears too (by the paramour, not Lanette!).

Huw said...

Linny - I cannot fail to: there's a lot to compliment. So much so in fact, my mere out-loud-musing-observations ("sexy bottom", "super pretty eyes" etc) often get construed as such.

Curly said...

But isn't it great that she notices the smaller things though?

Wait, is that nice or not? Damn - I'm at it as well.

I wish people would just say what they mean, the world would be so much easier (for me)

Jona - I'm not in love with Huw, not even a smidge. Sorry Huw - it's not your ears, it just wouldn't work between us.

Monica said...

Don't worry about a thing, Seth Cohen is hot hot hot. All girls I know that watch the show swoon over him.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I'm waiting for you to show her your milk-drinking prowess.

Dancinfairy said...

Seth Cohen is the exact right combination of geek and hot. And your lovely lady is right - if you find a man with good eyebrows he's a keeper!

mona said...

Not to sound crude or anything...but "she notices the small things" is really you asking for it...ya know?
Anyway- do you drae strange cartoons with your gf as the hot heroine? [ok I don't know how to say hero for a girl so I used the french word!]