Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Primacy Effect

Last Night, Beloved and I were going through my old School Leavers Book to find pictures of the 10-year-old Huw - yes, it’s got to that stage now - and I ended up rifling through the thing. Some of the messages left by classmates of old - then 16, but some of whom stemmed all the way back to when I was 4 - entertained me for a small period of the evening.

“…We first met at Primary School. Little did I know then what a little devil’s sperm you were and that I should have steered well clear…”

“…Hyoo, I’ve known you for ages. The 1st time we met you had a really bad neck and I threw you over my shoulder (or some kung fu stuff like that). I’d like to take the time now to say SORRY… as I don’t think you’ve ever forgiven me…”

“…Remember in the Hurricane of '87™ when that fuck off big tree flattened our classroom? That was fucking ace…”

“…If you knew how much I hated you, you wouldn’t have given me your book YOU SMELL HUW…”

“…Eventually, Thatcher decreed that our Primary School should be knocked down, and we were shunted elsewhere. It was a special place and I think something in us died with that building. Or perhaps not. Perhaps it was just old, rusty and snot green with absolutely no sentimental value at all…”

“…Thanks for fighting Mark for me when he was bullying me. I’m sorry he got his brother to come over from The Big School the next day and get you…”

“…Bugger off for good you annoying Tosspiece…”

“…I’ll always remember when I stamped on your hand in rugby, and when I lifted my boot your hand came up with it. They were sharp studs, no?…”

“…Ha ha! Remember that kid who everyone always used to laugh at who smelt of gas and always had two really green liquid inch-long bogies dangling from his nose? Hang on. Shit, that was me, wasn’t it?…”

“...Thankyou for making my English lessons miserable by taking the piss. You did sometimes let me copy your notes when I’d been daydreaming though…”

“…I hop you do well in your exams and stuff, even though you hit me and made me run home…”


Curly said...

Messages from old friends are always good to rifle through!

It seems you were involved in a few tussles, Huw? I'll have to make a point of not bullying any of your friends.

Jona said...

We wrote our goodbyes all over our school-dresses, but a book would have been easier to read from and share with others ;o)

Cleavers said...

Bit of a bruiser were you Huw? I'm calling you when I'm in need of a bodyguard in North London.

We too wrote our farewell comments on our shirts. I think I might have washed it.


Rob West said...


How does one achieve that little trademark sign in superscript?

Dancinfairy said...

Ah, the hurricane of 87 when they kept us locked in the school to avoid the flying roof tiles and we had no power in our house for nearly 4 days! The good old days!

mona said...

Well if even people you hit and made run home left you a note then you must be a pretty decent guy :)

Huw said...

I would just like to clarify I am not a thug. It was the playground! The scene of the most graphic swearing, un-PC name callig and vicious random acts of violence you ever experience. Elsewhere, I too got my Jumpa autographed: I've still got it and it is covered in offensive language. I had to hide it from my Mum.

Rob - TM is courtesy of Microsoft Word, in which 95% of My Thoughts Exactly posts are constructed, protecting me from my own spelling and also Blogger's limited and Americanized dictionary, as well as guarding against Blogger's occasional tendency to go barmy.

Thomas said...

Hi from Houston.

Me Over Here said...

You're such a thug. Tsk. And I thought you were so NICE?

I vote for you posting a picture of when you were 10 years old.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

"...sharp studs, no?" This pains me, he said joyously.

Rob West said...

Oh. Yeah, then forget it. ;-)