Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Day The First (Dallas Mainly)

I peeled my coat off and mopped my brow. Some 14 hours earlier, I’d been shivering in the pitch black on my parent’s drive scraping the ice from my windscreen. Now I was stood in near 30 degree heat with the best part of five hours to kill in Dallas Airport. I looked back through the automatic doors I’d just come through, leading back into the air-conditioned airport, and the green-blazered cowboy-hatted Larry Hagman-lookalike old timer cheerfully waved at me. I offered a wave in return. In my short time in the airport, I’d already found the place to be positively crawling with these old-aged volunteer helpers, and J.R. back there had been overjoyed to be of assistance when I’d mentioned that I fancied stepping outside. In Dallas Airport ponder nothing, hesitate not for a moment, lest you want one of the members of this silver haired army to descend upon you in a shower of helpfulness. I was feeling quite dazed, so was very grateful of their willingness to not allow me to have to do any thinking whatsoever, but had drawn the line at letting an 80-year-old woman carry my bag.

A short while later I joined the queue to enter the departures terminal. A security guard was scanning the crowd and I accidentally caught his eye, causing him to saunter over to me. “Here we go,” I thought to myself. Immigration had been a breeze, and customs hadn’t even glanced in my direction on my way in: I was sure I’d be pulled at some stage.
“How’re you doing there?”
“Yeah, not bad.”
“You look pretty beat.”
“Yeah,” I shrugged, puffing my cheeks. This felt a bit weird. Why was he beating round the bush? When was I going to be asked to step to one side?
“Long day, huh?”
“Yeah… I’m starting to feel it now,” I nodded. We continued like this for a while before it struck me. This security guard was talking to me just for the hell of it. People are friendly here.

The hours slowly ticked by as I kicked my heels and scrutinised other travellers, but finally finally finally I was boarding my next flight onward to San Antonio. As was my flying theme for the day, I was plonked in close proximity to a screeching brat, but I’d passed through the worst of the tiredness barrier by now and was into holiday-jitter mode so the piercing screams barely registered as I looked down at Austin below me.

Lanette met me in baggage reclaim. I was feeling frazzled, but nonetheless it was perfect moment. As I held her I could feel her tremble a little, and I felt a wave of excitment wash away the worst of my fatigue as I watched cases trundle past. It had been a long day. Turned out to be a long night too.


Jona said...

Awwwww, glad you got there safe Huw!

Have fun :o)

emaleejayne said...

Hooray for nice helpful people!

Chris Cope said...

Nice. Enjoy my home state.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I have been pondering the Huw/Lanette Christmas card, you two being so far apart. Well now it's getting clarified. So happy for you.

Tammy said...

Ok, someone help me out, who is Lanette? Is she someone Huw met online and they finally met? Is it his sister? Who???

Chris said...

Huw - I'm sipping a beer and smiling a big broad smile for you. Good on you. Buena Suerte!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

This is now Dec. 31. Get out of bed and start posting.

Heh. Hoss 1, Huw 0

AnonymousCoworker said...

Careful in Texas, they can get a little excited a little too quickly.

Curly said...

C'mon - She's updated, we want to know how it's going for YOU!

Extremely chuffed for you both though!