Monday, November 07, 2005

Reader, this post is for you

Housemate Reggae’s brother wrote a book and dedicated it to him. I’ve found myself incredulously staring at the relevant page: I’m mighty envious.

I want a book dedicated to me. Wouldn’t that be great? Okay, so maybe not a Dr Who book, but still, that’s better than nothing. I don’t see my sister writing a book anytime soon, and I don’t think any of the people I know who might be capable of a book would be of the mind to dedicate it to me.

Dedicate something to me.



Ivy the Goober said...

I will do it, Huw. Give me a few days to come up with some great idea befitting a wonder like you. And then a few years to write it. stay tuned :)

Mary said...

Would you settle for a blog entry being dedicated to you?

Rob said...

Wha? Simon Guerrier is your housemate's brother?

Bloody hell. As a fellow menk I know Simon from down the Fitzroy Tavern. He's even written stuff for fanzines I've done in the past.

Small world innit?

greavsie said...

Encyclopaedia Britannica or something like that?

(Why on earth did I choose something with spelling like that too?)

Huw said...

In the absence of any book writing, blog entries will be fine!

What I'd really like though is someone's pet named after me. And I mean a proper animal which'll be around for years, not a gerbil or something like that. As a bonus, my name is a good fit and fairly cheap for being engraved on brass collar tags. Erm. Not speaking from experience or anything readers.

dotdotdot said...

I'll dedicate the novel I am currently writing/butchering to you for an appropriate fee. Say, £100,000. It is a good deal- when the book gets published I am confident it will outsell the bible.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Huw's on first?

No Huw's on second.

Huw's on third?

I dunno.

Watt? Watt's on third?



Will that do?

Astrid said...

For a starter, I dedicate this comment to you, you, you, Huw. About the book, I first need to find time to finish it and then find a publisher, but sure, for the sake of your happiness, I am willing to dedicate it to you. If it will all ever go through, I'll send you a copy, okay?

Curly said...

I've dedicated this cup of tea to you - that's special!

Chris said...

My tribute would be something like - 'To my dearest Janus, from the Great Bear, with great respect and admiration, you owe me a pint'

Shane said...

Huw, old bird. I dedicate a relaxing train journey, with views of mountains, trees and heroic sci-fi adventurers, to you.

Harriet said...

For Huw, without whom blog reading would be more dreary.

(its a comment dedication)

y-vonne said...

Like the new picture by the way. Much less scary.