Monday, October 31, 2005


Late Saturday afternoon – as I lay clutching my swollen belly, contemplating the day’s events and trying to determine whether or not I was actually hungry yet – my phone rang. It was Tim.

"Hey Huw, what are you up to?" he asked me.
"I just drank a gallon of milk!" I said proudly, "Or at least, I tried to."
"Oh," he said, seemingly unimpressed.
"I was sick…?" I offered.
"Anyway," he continued, clearly not interested, "I’m phoning because I was thinking about you last night."
"Oh. Really?" I cautiously asked, but curious nonetheless.
"Yes. I was in Euston, and I suddenly got a feeling, like a psychic feeling, that you were nearby, so had a scoot round."
"Yes, just this really sudden and vivid feeling: Huw Is Nearby. I was certain of it."
"At Euston?"
"Yes, I went and had a look in WHSmiths and Marks and Sparks. Then I checked in the Head Of Steam [Pub], because I thought ‘if he’s here, that’s where he’ll be’".
"The Head Of Steam [Pub]?" I exclaimed, "Well, I’m not quite sure I like the insinuation here: that I’m the sort of fella you associate with hanging round train stations on a Friday night, and I’d like to think that even if… hang on. As in last night? Euston? Well, actually, I was in Euston last night, around 7.30…"
"That’s when I was there!"
"Waiting for a bus, just next to The Head Of Steam [Pub]."

Strangely, we both seemed satisfied rather than intrigued by this: the matter was resolved and thus the phone call could end.

I used to get similar psychic feelings about my friend Charlie when I was at university. Quite often I would be strolling along on my way, and a thought would spring to my mind: "Charlie is in the Cloisters" or "Charlie is in the Union". If I chose to seek him out, 8/10 times my inkling would be proved right. This was probably because Charlie was a creature of habit though, whose fondness for sitting in the cloisters wearing his cardigan and reading The Grauniad was only matched by his dual personality’s penchant for drinking in the Union, molesting men and fighting girls. I never sensed him ‘out of context’.

Tim later contacted me to inform me he’d been thinking further on this matter. He admitted that something similar with regard to me had happened to him once before at Highbury Corner late one night, and once again I had indeed been there (which led to a hilarious incident of me worrying that the shady character following me was a potential mugger. I had my karate chops at the ready: Tim never knew how close he came to meeting his maker that night), and in turn I had to admit that I once had a similar sensation about his whereabouts which was proven right in a bar in Shoreditch (but I’d always just put that down to him being a trendy Shoreditch nobber).

Tim forwarded the theory that our brains fused psychically as a result of an incident in which we (well, he) threw an egg at a passing Mercedes, not realising it contained five gangsters. The resulting fear, panic and sheer terror of that evening, Tim postulated, was so great that a special bond remains. It made me nervous just thinking back to it, but tentatively I agreed.


zilla said...

Interesting.............and a little scary!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Is this what is called "having vibes"? Or are "vibes" still an emaciated form of vibraphone?

Afe said...

I'm intrigued by this gangster story. I am picturing five blokes in grey suits with tommy guns shooting at you but I'm probably way off.

Ivy the Goober said...

I have a similar eerie connection with my daughter, I get a feeling she's going to ask me for money, and 8/10 times I'm right.

Chris said...

I had a friend, freshman year of college, who claimed we shared powers of ESP. Now that I think of it, I really believe she was quite crazy and just hopin' to have me in the sack...

"I thought of you today around 11:16," she'd say.
"Yeah," I thought, "well, um, that's I was thinking of you right before class."
"What time's class?"
"See, you do love me!" she'd yelp. Leaving me speechless.

Jona said...

I once dreamt a boyfriend of mine was being seduced by a mutual friend. The following morning, being slightly upset, I told my man about the dream, even commenting on her appalling taste of bedroom wallpaper (not that I'd ever actually been in her bedroom) and what an inopportune moment it was when her phone rang.

He went white as a sheet and admitted I had every detail correct - of course I dumped him. Somewhat irritatingly I continued to dream of them together for weeks! (Yet another good reason to no longer remember my dreams!!)

deanne said...

A couple of nights ago, I dreamt I slept with my boss - it was all too realistic, and when I woke up I had to remind myself that I - did not - have - sexshool - relayshuns - with that man.

That is ONE dream, I certainly don't want to come true.

How's your Milk Belly Huw? Noticed any permanant damage yet? Like say, you threw up all your stomach lining along with the milk, and now your stomach acid is burning a whole through your skin? It could happen!

Harriet said...

I once went ot a club above the Head of Steam which was actually full of rather weird and wonderful types - some man was dancing in a cage, wearing a red lycra catsuit with tassels on the nipples. Not sure its like that anymore.

Huw said...

Dee - I think I have resumed full fitness now. I was sporting quite the pot belly on Saturday night though, and my innards were pretty confused for the next day. The whole fasting, followed by mass milk drinking, followed by being too full to eat for a further 18 hours really played havoc with my digestive system: it didn't know if it was coming or going.

Harriet - No, it's not: I am barred from the premises now and have taken my tassles elsewhere.

Shane said...

Following Saturday's exploits, you'll be ESP-connecting with fresians across the UK, and vice versa... Cows lying down? Oncoming rain? No, that'll be Huw beginning his next experiment.

Chris Cope said...

Sometimes when I am in London I get the incredible sense that I am going to pass by an ex-girlfriend on the street. I then start staring intently at everyone I pass, which I'm sure makes all the people walking past me feel very uncomfortable. As yet, I have not bumped into any ex-girlfriends this way.

When I was last in London, I had to kill an hour at Paddington and did so in The Mad Bishop And Bear (pub). In said drinking establishment, there was one of those "Have your Christmas party here!" adverts. Who would do that?

Me Over Here said... sissy and I experience those sort of things...saying the same thing at the same time, thinking the same thoughts and one of us voicing them. But I'm not sure that counts here because she's family.

I do, however, sometimes get really sick-to-my-stomach feelings when I'm driving; like something really bad is about to happen. I keep my eyes peeled for accidents, deer that are thinking about jumping in front of my car, and drunken idiots. It gets so bad sometimes that I'm squirming in my seat, uncomfortable until I'm safely home. It's only gotten worse after I felt like a REALLY bad accident was going to happen, and as I rounded the bend in the road, sure enough...

Rob West said...


(The first Chris listed here, I mean. The Capn.)

Did this same girl, by any chance, have a "penchant" shall we say, of "predicting" not only when Rob West was about to enter a room, but also what color shirt he had on?

Frikkin weirdo.

I will soon begin readin "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Psychic Awareness" and render my opinion thereupon. But if it's anything like the guide to Near-Death Experiences, it will have been written by a weird new-age hippie and basically be a big waste of time. Let's all hope for the best.

Curly said...

That could be an idea for your next experiment!

Both purchase all-day tickets for Zone 1 tube stops, but both travel seperately to random stations recording whenever you 'feel' the other might be near you, compare notes at the end to see if you actually were.