Thursday, October 20, 2005

I Canette Explain Eeet

I was left seething by certain factions of the scientific community questioning my credibility earlier in the week after I published some seminal (albeit tentative) research relating to the Frenchman's Sprite Can. Although the criticism was ill-informed at best, it did highlight flaws in my methodology which I myself wasn't totally happy with and in turn planted a seed of discontentment in mine own mind.

Hence I decided that I would have to replicate my research, but this time with the necessary adjustments so as to meet peer approval. Having obtained a British can of Sprite yesterday, I returned to Tufnell Park Towers eager to let research commence. Only to find my prior boisson gazeuse canette manquant.
"Quelque chose qui manque..." I mused*, heading to the living room. Housemate Louise lay strewn across the sofa, liquorice rollie in mouth.
"Housemate Louise," I simpered. "Have you done something with that huge bag of cans and bottles?"
"Yes. I took it to the recycling bin. Is that okay?"
"Oh, right, yes. Of course, of course." I inwardly cursed: something being cleared up a mere 4 days after it was finished with would never of happened before we let a girl in our flat.
"What's the problem now, you nobber?"
"Nothing! Nothing!" She scares me when she's cross.
"Then get out of my face."
I fled.

So this morning I sought out a replacement, which I didn't see being too much of a problem despite the whole not-being-in-France thing: you really can find just about anything on the Holloway Road (well, of varying dubious quality admittedly). My first stop off was peddling what looked to be Turkish Sprite, but sure enough at my second stop - my late into the night after hours booze provider - I spied the tell-tale "marque déposée" which the Frenchman espouses over the ® in amongst the soft drinks.

Again, results are provided below. I shall be contacting Coca-Cola presently demanding an explanation. So far we have Afe-Curly's model of Regional Variances in the Orbicularis Oris due to Language, and the DebiHuw Hypothesis of Cultural Inbibing Techniques. Any other ideas?

Le Sprite & Brit Sprite

* Sorry French speakers. I can but try.


Me Over Here said...

Well. I know *I* can(ette) rest easier knowing your name as a scientist has been cleared. I, too, had been most displeased by your lack of scientific measures concerning the previous post.

I would like next to see some Chi Square analyses, statistical comparisons of Can A to Can B, and a report on whether or not your findings were significant.

Jona said...

After a lengthy study, I have concluded it is the Sprite Goblin's fault!

Here is the British Goblin, and this is the
European Goblin
. The British Goblin appears to have a bigger mouth and the cans obviously designed with them in mind ;o)

Huw said...

MOH- To my mind, statistics here would be unnecessary: the photographic demonstration is sufficient. Plus all that talk of statistics causes me to quake.

debi- I rather think you've nailed it. Bravo.

Any alternatives or suggestions for future research readers?

Monica said...

Excellent. Your first experiment was so flawed I didn't trust the results one bit. But clearly you've graduated into the hard hitting world of top notch research. Perhaps it was the Waterfall effect, causing you to rethink your methods.

The next test is obvious.... Go get yourself some French beer cans, chug away, and take more pics!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

The one on the left is called "Petite Mouth," and the one on the right is called "Ubangi." The sizes only vary because of what they are called; there is nothing ethnic or racial about it, it would seem. Or maybe there IS something ethnic about it. We shall see when your Paper comes oout.

Shane said...

Still, you maintain faith in the naked eye. You insist on this 'observation' study. pwlwa pwlwa pwlwa I say. Good lord, next you'll be appealing to our 'common sense'. I'm sorry, I'm looking for rigorous, but I'm not getting it, I'm not getting it at all.

Oh pleeeeaase.

Curly said...

Shane has a point, first you test our ability to fall for optical illusions then you dazzle us with 'science'...

emaleejayne said...

Shall I take some pictures of canettes in France this weekend? Perhaps this would be useful for your research?

Huw said...

Shane & Curly '05 - I know your naysaying and Sprite spite is now merely an attempt to wind me up and discredit me, rather than having any basis in scientific endeavour. So. It's. Not. Going. To. Work.

Besides, I have Monica's backing. She knows Science.

Emaleejayne - I think the Sprite case has been clearly demonstrated. But I do wonder if it spreads to other beverages...

y-vonne said...

I thought this was so YOU! You'll need to have your students debate this phenomenon:

y-vonne said...

I would love to read your letter to Coca Cola *based in the US for the record* and their attempts to address ethnic and cultural diversities in other countries. No doubt there was extensive product marketing and market research into the ability to sell more based on the size of the hole. Hmm... that should give you some interesting google returns.

Curly said...

Sprite Spite eh? Wait until you hear my Coke joke, Tango Fandango and the 7-up erm...

Anonymous said...

Coca Cola usually franchise the production plants so in each country the packaging is often different and sometimes the flavour because of the water is slightly different.

It's complicated to explain in this short comments box.

Interesting you live a Tufnell Park near me.

See my blog Suz blog I talk a lot about Islington

Anonymous said...

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