Friday, September 02, 2005

Procrastination Makes Perfect. Eventually.

So, we finally, finally got the internet - broadband no less - here at Tufnell Park Towers this past week (hence me being able to post at such an ungodly hour). Here's how things work round here:

August 2004
Me: Here, new Housemate Reggae, for this new flat of ours, I'd really like to get broadband.
Housemate Reggae: Yeah, me too! I'll sort it out!
Me: Cool.

November 2004
Me: Here, Housemate Reggae, are you going to sort out that internet stuff soon?
Housemate Reggae: Hmmmm?
Me: The Internet.
Housemate Reggae: Muh?
Me: The Internet.
Housemate Reggae: What do you want?
Me: The Internet.
Housemate Reggae: Yeeeeah. Well, I'm going on Holiday at Christmas.
Me: The Internet?
Housemate Reggae: So I won't sort it out till after that.
Me: I see

February 2005
Me: Reggae, Internet? Reggae?
Housemate Reggae:
Me: Er... Hello?
Housemate Reggae:
Me: Internet?

September 2005
Me: Here Reggae, do want me to sort out that Internet then?
Housemate Reggae: Oh, I suppose.
Me: You're quite busy aren't you?
Housemate Reggae: Yeah, go on then.


Today I am loving, amongst other people, Paul Anka for his cover of Black Hole Sun.


The Texan said...

Amongst other things, I am loving the way you make me giggle wildly while I am *supposed* to be working. One of these days, Huw, you're going to get me fired. And THEN what will I do...

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Sure glad you got the Internet so Reggae can use it. He probably wonders what took you so long.

Shane said...

And they say that men can't communicate!

Chloe said...

you are very entertaining