Monday, September 05, 2005

N7 (my bit)

An overseas correspondent recently wondered out loud to me what this place called Tufnell Park I live in looks like.
"Hold that inquisitiveness!" I ordered, and went out on to the roof of my building and took a photo which was promptly dispatched to said correspondent. Truly, it is becoming a global 'sponsored by Kodak moments' village.

As I can't think of much better to say today, I thought I'd share some of this exclusive photo shoot with a wider audience. Lookit (verily, you may click for bigger).

Roofs and Chimneys, looking towards Hampstead Heath.

A typical Tufnell Park mean street, looking towards Highgate Hill.


August's Celebrity Spots

Hermione Norris looking a bit distracted (and smaller than expected) outside Goodge Street Tube.

Damian Lewis looking confused but bemused at the Camden end of Kentish Town Road. My intial thought was "that Josh Homme isn't as tall as I'd imagined". The sunglasses confused me for a minute, see?


OldHorsetailSnake said...

If I didn't know better, I'd say those pictures were shot somewhere in Great Britain. But what, pray tell, is a "mean street"?

deanne said...

Who knew Tufnell Park would be so sweet looking?

I'm so crap - I rarely venture out of my own neighbourhood, and I'm pretty sure Tufnell Park isn't all that far from Maida Vale.

Matthew said...

Fabulous views