Friday, September 30, 2005

Chills Are Multiplying

It’s become noticeably colder round these parts, slap bang on cue at the start of the Autumn. It always surprises me how much the climate changes over September. I put this down to the weather nearly always managing to pull it out of the bag on the August bank holiday weekend and give us a good final summer showing. It makes it easy to forget at the time that Autumn is but 4 weeks away. But we're a week in now: the autumn equinox (marking nights that are longer than the days, lest you weren't sure...) has past and it's time for everything to get a bit miserable for a while.

Thus, Tufnell Park is looking at some 160 days until the sun next rises before 6:30am, and a good 199 days until the sun next sets after 8pm* . Sigh.

Last week saw me needing to take a jumper to work for the first time since… oh I don’t know. Let’s say May. And Tuesday night was the first time I had to sleep with my window shut in… oh I don’t know either**. But quite a while, let me tell you. And my gentle stroll back to my room from the shower each morning (er… not in a naked or creepy way or anything readers) has turned into a desperate and teeth-chattering scuttle so as to leap back into bed in order to eek out any of it's remaining warmth.

Not that I'm trying to depress everyone or anything. I mean, I could always just stop being so tightfisted and turn my heating on.

* stat-attack pilfered from the workings of Diamond Geezer.
** this is not one of my more extensively researched posts by the way.


Lanette said...

Our estimated low for the coming 7 days is 88F (about 31C). The high? 91F (about 33C). And THIS is our Autumn.

What's even more sad is I found myself needing a jum-pah when I walked out of my apartment this morning, into the 75F (24C) weather.

I would die if I ever was in snow. I just know it.

Lanette (again) said...

By the way, was this a reference to the John Travolta classic, "Grease"?

"I got chillllls, they're multiplyin'; and I'm loooooosin' contro-hol", etc etc etc.

Huw said...

Thank You: It's good to know that the hours of head-scratching and teeth-grinding that go into thinking these titles up isn't in vain.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

There is another good ol' alternaty: Grow more body hair. Then body wax job in spring and you're all set.

I usually get paid for good advice like this. Ahem.

Ms Mac said...

I'm not liking the sudden change in temp either. I have to wear closed shoes all of a sudden. Not happy Jan!

Carmi said...

It's always infinitely more fun - and eco-friendly - to stave off the cold with creativity. Turning up the thermostat is just too easy. Good for you!

Visiting from Michele's. Nice to e-meet ya! I live in the "other" London, the one in Canada.

Huw said...

Hoss - *more* body hair? Not sure that would go down too well.

Ms.Mac - Flip Flops have been begrudgingly packed away. Snot fair!

Carmi - Ah, London Ontario: the bane of my flight booking life.

Theresa said...

Is it safe to assume that a jumper is a jacket? I had to re-read that sentence several times.

I try to never turn the heat on until near the end of October. I'm stingy that way.

Huw said...

Apologies. For jum-pah, read sweatshirt.

A Touch of Style said...

I'm not looking forward to the cooler weather either. But tomorrow is supposed to be in the thirties here in Toronto. But I'm sure that it is just giving us a taste and then we are going to get blasted. Just too good to be true. (Visiting from Michele's )

sb :)

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