Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ravi Rules The Waves

Last night, me and The Swan had planned to head over to the Royal Albert Hall and catch a Prom. Not the sort populated by Union Jack waving, Tim Henman loving, partisan saddo mentalists though. Rather, 85-year old sitar legend Ravi Shankar was doing his thing.

But… Well, after a few post work pints turned into a few more followed by a couple of chasers, quite frankly we couldn’t quite be arsed. Pathetic. So instead, we headed down to Stockwell to enjoy dinner and learned conversation with The Swan’s Uncle Rich, where we could listen to the boy Ravi on Radio 3. And it was here that I sampled Cod’s Roe, the poor man’s caviar, for the first time. I liked muchly, so maybe it all turned out for the best. Although that said, today after I'd dropped the kids off at the pool my toilet was left smelling like the seaside.

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deanne said...

Cod's roe -- bleeeeuuuuuuurgh.