Saturday, August 06, 2005

Next Up: A Trevor McDonald Centrefold

Ever since I made a very throw away comment about ITN's Felicity Barr on July 8th, I've been getting a fair amount of traffic arriving here via search engines (at a rate of, say, 6 a week), specifically searching for the aforementioned news lovely. I've been feeling a bit of a fraud as a result; I feel as though I'm luring all these people in under false pretences. In truth, My Thoughts Exactly is pretty low on Felicity Barr content.

Thus, to ease my conscience, I'm providing all you Barr Googlers with this exclusive snap taken by my fair hand. I hope it satisfies your needs. You're welcome to do with it as you please, but quite frankly I'd rather not know. It's a lovely red coat, don't you think?

Click for Bigger Goodness

1 comment:

Harriet said...

It is indeed a lovely red coat but it appears to be falling down at the hem. Newsreaders, pah, its all about above the newsdesk.