Tuesday, August 02, 2005


After work yesterday, I met up with my dear friend Tom The Swan in the Fitzroy. We were joined by The Swan’s old flame, a hippie fresh off the plane from Thailand. Consequently, we found ourselves being invited to attend a squat party in what used to be The Rat and Parrot pub on Camden Town’s Parkway. One of the benefits of my current job is that I can turn up late for work, and if when asked why I’m late I reply “I was networking: squat party” and tap my nose - either conspiratorially or as a means of demonstration - then that’s not only allowed, but encouraged. And so, the hippie’s overture was accepted.

It was funny being in the now boarded up Rat and Parrot, but mainly because inside it was much the same as I remembered it from the few occasions I had granted it my patronage. All the furniture and more general furnishings was still in place, but alas the beer taps - surely the only reason that ever made it worth going inside the place - were no longer working. One further change was that it was now populated by hippies. I was distinctly unimpressed by this bunch though: there was no warped experimental music, rather they were having dignified - if rather wanky - conversation, and there was no ketamine in the offering, Charlie being the collections’ drug of choice for the evening.
“Great,” I thought to myself. “Yuppie Hippies.”


Celeb Spot: En route to the Fitzroy, funny man Kevin Eldon walking along Tottenham Court Road, unshaven and half-smiling slightly sinisterly.


Curly said...

Wanky conversation? Hippies? You're kidding..

I can't say I've been to a squat party, is a refugee party next in line?

Matthew said...

Sounds like a cool job. Great benefits.

No beer...?

Rob said...

Kevin Eldon can only smile in a sinister way.