Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Gateway to your Soooooul

I don’t know if you saw this in the news the other day (or one of the umpteen articles like it over the past 12 months). Nothing you didn’t know perhaps, but I was struck by the figure of ‘one a second’ though. That seems like an awful lot of descriptions of uneventful of weekends, dynamics of office politics and photos of cute nephews to be got through. I was trying - and, due to a poorly screwed on head today, failing - to think about the implications of this expansion of the blogosphere going unchecked with regard to birth and death rates: at this rate are we going to see an increase in geriatric blogging…?

“Put on my suit, tie and favorite waistcoat in order to pop down the shops. Maud had a rather nice new shopping trolley: a really fetching tartan check design. Forgot what I went out for though, so came home. Am so very frightened of everything. Ears are continuing to grow.”

Or even pre-natal?

“I swear this room is getting smaller by the day.”

On a perhaps less frivolous note, it got me thinking about how the widespread adoption of blogs by a significant amount of the population might one day become an issue with regard to job seeking. By browsing the last 4 months of someone’s blog archives, I’d wager you’d get a much better idea of their suitability for a position than you would solely via a CV or a 20 minute interview. In turn, this got me thinking as to whether my blog would serve as a good advert to a potential employer. I like to think I don’t write anything too incriminating about myself here, nor do I vent my spleen like some coiled-spring-alike suppressed psycho on the verge of going on the rampage with a shotgun. But then, they’d probably have good grounds to worry about the hours I waste on their time maintaining my blog and reading others.

Today’s Question: What do you think your employer (or a potential one) would make of your piece of the web?


Curly said...

I was also thinking the same thing today - would someone employ me if they had seen my blog?

Considering I write only about my life outside of work, that should be fine. I was worried about the same thing as you though, the time in work actually spent reading/maintaining blogs.

Also, It would depend what kind of employment you were after I guess.

Could come up with BS about how you have amazing comitment skills (with all the time you put in to blogging).

Fuck it, this is getting too long. Might just write a post about it myself.

deanne said...

Jesus. God knows what a potential employer would think of my blog, considering all I do is talk about sex, how much I hate my job ("gee, let's employ HER"), and off and on references to getting scoobied out.

Hm. It's a frightening thought!

Lanette said...

Considering I have posted NUMEROUS times about my almost-crossing-THAT-line-into-sexual-harrassment information technology co-worker, I would assume that I would A.)either get fired for my criticizing comments or B.)be the impetus that initiates his unemployment proceedings. Let's hope it would be the latter. He TOUCHED me the other day, grazed my neck to point out my bathing suit tan...just unappropriate. Hmm, I believe I have yet to livejournal about that. Indeed.

Shane said...

Excellent question. Your summary of blog-types seems entirely reasonable, particularly liked 'Am so very frightened of everything. Ears are continuing to grow.'

I reckon there's a tone to most of what I post. I think that employers - past, present and future (the ones that could read at least) - would perceive some accurate and some inaccurate messages from this (as I see me). Chiefly, I tend not to just blurt out the first thing that comes into my head (can be +ve / -ve) and I sometimes care too much about others' views (a negative).

Monica said...

Yes, but how many blogs die a second?

Matthew said...

Yeah, I recently read a couple of newspaper articles about the proliferation of blogs. The articles also cautioned about what one says in a blog, lest it come back to bite one in the... and about providing too much personal information. That prompted me to stop displaying my social security number on my blog.