Sunday, July 24, 2005

Table Manners

I went for a stroll on Hampstead Heath with Housemate Reggae and a Lithuanian girl who's bunking at ours (and who's name I can never remember) on Saturday, and checked out the 30 foot high table and chair sculpture (titled "The Writer") that sits at the foot of Parliament Hill. It's quite surreal.

Strolling down the hill, Housemate Reggae gestured towards the trees of Highgate Hill across the ponds.
"This bit here used to all be trees too," he intoned to our sight seeing companion, "but they cut them down in order to have enough wood to build that table and chair."

When we reached Neri's tribute to the solitude of the writer's lot, we indulged in trying to recreate some Land of the Giants type snaps...

"Fee Fi Fo Fum!"


deanne said...

Shouldn't that be "fee fi fo Fila"?!

I've yet to get around to seeing the Enormous Table - I keep thinking "Yes yes, I'll get to it!"

Shane said...

Relatively speaking, how big would a piece of chewing gum stuck to the underside of the desktop have to be?

deanne said...

I would say roughly twice the size of my head, but I suppose it depends on whether or not it's Hubba Bubba, or that crappy Extra shit.

y-vonne said...

Love your site. Love your writing. Keep at it!

From Canada.