Monday, July 11, 2005


It’s been a weekend of park sporting exploits for me. Firstly, some intense Dodgeball action (in which I established a devastating partnership with a French aristocrat called Charles) in Hyde Park on Saturday, and then shin-kicking football in Regents Park on Sunday. It was probably a bit too hot for both and plus now I am sorely sore.

Having spent Saturday night in the pub being horrified by the tales of a secondary school teacher who works in Finsbury Park, I came home to one of my flatmates having a drug induced psychotic episode, the sound of which I mistook for frantic shagging. Amused, and perhaps a little aroused, I went to bed.


Curly said...

A little aroused..?!


emaleejayne said...

"Drug induced psychotic episode"???? Sounds scary to me!

Rob said...

Until now I had no idea what a drug induced psychotic episode sounded like. And now I know - shagging.

Actually I've never even had one myself. What a sheltered life I lead. Still, I imagine it's an experience somewhat akin to watching twelve hours of BBC Three.