Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Out of the Doldrums

Things have taken a clap-hands-happy turn for the better for me, with news coming yesterday that I’ve secured a job in the heady world of academic research at my former university. I’d discovered and applied for this post some 3 weeks earlier – not mentioning it here as not to jinx it – and yesterday I went along to the interview and must have suitably impressed the panel as a couple of hours later they phoned to say I’d got the job.

I’d had high hopes that I was in a good position to land this job, as I doubted anyone else would apply who would have such well suited experiences and qualifications as me (I can safely say this without being concerned that I’m coming across as an arrogant so and so, because I can also safely say this isn’t a phrase I’ve been able to apply to any of the other 200+ jobs I’ve applied to in the past year). It also helped that one of the interview panel had offered me a PhD when I was studying at the university: you’d like to think if she thought I was up to that, she’d be willing to offer me a job. As it turns out, I successfully battled it out with about 70 other applicants, a fact which upon being told naturally caused a surge to my ego, but also made me feel a little guilty. Poor buggers: I’ve been there alright.

Aside from this being a role I think I’m really well suited to, perhaps the most satisfying element is that it’s a two year contract: it’s so settling to know what I’ll be doing in 18 months or so’s time, a luxury I haven’t enjoyed since I was in the early stages of my undergraduate degree. This last 9 months in the wilderness of soul-destroying job applications and mind-numbing temp jobs had worn me down. It had got to the point where I’d all but decided I’d have to move back with my parents for a year come the end of August, where I could live rent free and secure an any-old job and make some serious inroads into my debt. As depressing as this path was, I’d figured it was pointless just sticking around in London, doing jobs which didn’t interest me or benefit my CV particularly and, when general living and socialising expenditure was taken into account, wouldn’t leave me with much spare cash, certainly not enough to impact upon my debts. But now, I don’t have to leave and return to my parents, head hung low and tail between my legs, feeling like I have failed in the outside world. Not that I’m being paid much that is, certainly not enough to scratch the surface of my debts especially, but at least I’m now doing something I can get my teeth into for a couple of years and is bound to lead onto other things.

I’ll be working in my own personal favourite field; that of recreational drugs use research. It’s surely one of the few jobs in which at the interview you have to field a rapid succession of questions about the extent of your contact with drugs culture and the drug taking public where it’s not being used to vet you, rather to assess your suitability for the job.


Rob said...


Thankfully I've never been in this soul destroying twilight world, but I've seen too many friends who have suffered similar dissappointment and have seen just how depressing it can be.

Onwards and upwards!

Huw said...

Cheers mate. Now I'm concerntrating on living these last few days as a bum as fully as possible.

To Hampstead Lido!

VENUS said...

Congratulations Huw! I'm envious.