Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Hyde Park Warm Up Act

I spent Thursday at The Wireless Festival, having blagged a free VIP ticket off one of my music industry contacts (dontcha know). And yeah, it was kind of shit. Pete Doherty was on, doing his sublime impression of a pretentious posho knobhead posing as a mental retard. He impressed no-one with his refusal to come out of his trailer "just because" for half an hour, thereby making the whole concert run late, least of all Kasabian who greeted the crowd upon finally getting to come on stage (but having to play a reduced set) by saying "Now you're going to get to see a real fucking band". And quite right too; live, they are smashing.

My VIP pass kind of disappointed too. No hot celebrity cocaine action was going on. The best I saw was Sandy from Big Brother (who was much greyer than he used to be, and scowling) and that wasn't even in our special tent; he was mingling with the plebs.

Pathetically, I was exhausted by the end of it. There's no way I could manage a whole weekend jobby nowadays.


I managed a further low calibre celeb spot this weekend, when I found myself sat on a bus in Clapham next to Nicholas Burns, star of Chris Morris and Charlie Brooker's embarrassingly bitter comment on the young and fashionable - dressed up as a critique of the cult of the idiot - Nathan Barley. There was something deliciously ironic, I thought, about the man who mockingly portrayed the epitome of the smug and grotesque characters to be found in Shoreditch himself being a resident of the ever so self satisfied Clapham district.


deanne said...

Christ -- Pete Doherty, he's such a knobhead -- his performance with Elton John at Live8 was shambolic and crap at best.

Good on Kasabian for saying it like it is.

Shane said...

Ah bless - Sandy eh? Wasn't he a dresser, or was it a fluffer?

The Pete Doherty - Nathan Barley link may have been incidental, but I'm choosing to note it. And from the Nathan Barley programme, the actor Julian Barnes is a man I much admire - one of the best 3 stand-ups that I've ever seen (though 95% of the audience would have disagreed with me - of that, I am sure).

Huw said...

Deanne - Agreed, it's frustrating how everyone's lapping him up (even if it is just a case of vultures circling). Even his band seemed mightily pissed off with him.

Shane - I believe Sandy was a soldier turned personal shopper. I'm not sure who Julian Barnes is, but if you are in fact referring to Julian Barratt I have similar sentiments. The Mighty Boosh was my TV highlight of 2004. Aside from the last ever Animal Hospital of course.

Shane said...

Julian Barratt! You're right. He did have a big impact - in an 'I'll never forget his name' kind of way. I think Julian Barnes is a writer of novels. *Embarrassed*

Anonymous said...

kasabian better than doherty?! give over...