Saturday, June 04, 2005

Stinky Bum Bums

My parents have headed to Cardiff to spectate at the Eisteddfod; how wonderfully Welsh is that? And so, I’m at their place looking after their/my cats. And this presents no problem as all they really do is sleep. Except….

Baby Blue and Doolally are getting on a bit – nearly 17. Or is it 18? – and this has a twofold effect. Firstly, they are now both quite unwilling to ever leave the house, and secondly they are becoming incontinent. Now, as they’re both house trained this shouldn’t provide too much of a problem, except that they both seem to have developed a habit of perching on the side of their litter tray, and splurting their ‘goodness’ over the edge. And it’s an impressively large splurt. Charming.

I’ve solved this problem by covering the floor all around the tray for a good metre with inch deep Newspaper. However, this then posed me with the problem as to what I should do with the soiled Newspaper – it’d be out of order to put them in the bin (think of the bin men. And the state of the bin) and the mess is too, ahem, widespread to flush down the toilet: it’d be a good broadsheet's worth (plus lifestyle and business supplements).

So I’ve taken to building foot-and-mouth style burning funeral pyres in the garden out of the sheets. Sloppy cat poo burns surprisingly well.


VENUS said...

wrap up the soiled paper in newspaper and then chuck it into a plastic bag. make sure it's tightly sealed and then chuck it into the bin. If need be, add some bicarbonate soda to take away the smell.

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