Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Foreword / Preamble

So these series of posts below document the sights, sounds and smells of my journey due South from my flat in London’s Tufnell Park. I cannot take any credit for this idea; it was shamelessly stolen from Diamond Geezer who authored a ‘live’ post (see his June 13th post) documenting his journey west across London from Bow (my old stomping ground) to Perivale (to which I’ve never ventured). I’d like to think of this post as my tribute rather than a blatant rip off however. For those who don’t know, Diamond Geezer is a fountain of wisdom & wit and well worth a read sometime (especially for fellow London geezers).

DG’s premise was simple: “Draw a straight line on a map, walk along it and you'll be sure to find several fascinating places along the way (in London at least)”. As I read his absorbing post I got out my A to Z and did just that, due South from my flat, and wow, he wasn’t wrong. Unlike DG, I lack the ambition and technological (and text writing) flair to have attempted this live via a mobile, but I resolved to take comprehensive field notes and try and get some half decent snaps (click on any of the snaps for bigger goodness). The plan therefore, was to walk roughly 10km due south, following the grid line number 30 which runs through central London (look, I don’t know the proper terminology. I’m sorry) as much as possible: railways, rivers and high security government buildings allowing. My journey concludes at Clapham North tube station, for no other reason than 10km seemed a good number and I expected I’d have had enough by then and it offered me a means of getting home.

I’ll be splitting some of the different places I walked through and past into separate posts to break it up a bit, and they’ll be posted in reverse order. That is, the start of the walk at the top of your screen. You know what I mean.


It's refreshing to see a London cabbie on the receiving end of an ear bashing for once. York Way, June 2005

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melina said...

hey huw...thanks for the comment on my blog! woo hoo fourth of juuuulyyyy!...i am liking the humor. i do like spelling humor as "humour" and favorite as "favourite", etc., but doing so can come across as pretentious, and personally, i just think the "u" looks like it should still be in these words and shoulda never been taken out/dropped.