Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Driving Prince Vultan

Ok, get this. Housemate Reggae works in the exciting world of TV and Film. Hence he usually has some celeb related stories. And they’re good stories by and large, but none ever really grab me. Lunching on an adjacent table to Ewan McGregor and Samuel L. Jackson who are nextdoor at Shepperton Studios putting the finishing touches to Star Wars III? Phish. Catching a glimpse of Michael Winner in drag whilst he was filming those Esure ads? Hmmm... well, yes. That is pretty cool.

But yesterday’s story was the pick of the crop for me, and described by Housemate Reggae as “one of the best hours of my life”. At the end of the day’s shoot, Housemate Reggae was asked if he could give one of the actors a lift home. And who should turn up in the car park bellowing “Where's this man Housemate Reggae?” but Brian Blessed? Awesomely Housemate Reggae was then treated to a full hour of Brian Blessed wisdom, anecdotes and advice. He even brought up Flash Gordon without Housemate Reggae having to prompt him.

The great man spoke of some future projects in the pipeline; perhaps most interestingly a piece documenting his search for the Yeti (“but if we actually do find the fellow, we won’t tell anyone!” taps nose conspiratorially, winks, then roars with laughter). Brian also reportedly mentioned that with Everest and Kilimanjaro now comfortably under his belt, the next challenge was outer space, scheduled for sometime in 2008. Go Brian!

Today's Question: Which Celebrity would you most like to drive around for an hour with?


Ms Mac said...

Oh, Brian Blessed's pretty hard to beat but I think I'd have to pick Dermot O'Leary. He makes me laugh!

Shane said...

Stretching the concept of 'celebrity' here - I'll have Kirsty Wark (of Newsnight) (ahem). I'm not going to think about this any further as it could become torrid all too easily.

Lanette said...

wow, I have NO clue who any of these so-called "Celebs" are. So, I guess when I go to England, I won't know if I'm sitting right next to someone famous. That's somewhat disheartening!