Thursday, June 09, 2005

Doolally and Baby Blue's birthday knees up

Look, I know I said I once before that I know the whole putting-a-picture-of-the-cat-on-the-blog is a no no, but today I’ve just got to! See, it was Baby Blue and Doolally’s 17th birthday (birthdays?) today, and it was cause for celebration! Doolally marked the occasion in her own special way with a puddle of liquid crap left tantalisingly close to her litter tray for me to clear up.

So yeah, here they are. This isn’t a recent snap of the two old ladies of course – it’s hard to get them in a photo together nowadays as they have grown to hate each other passionately. And they look nothing like this now, the jaded old hags. This one was taken a few weeks after we’d kidnapped them from their mother in the nearby town of Andover; they look quite scared. 17 years later, and the effect of the Stockholm Syndrome has been truly remarkable.

So in celebration of the big day, I went out and got them some chicken livers. And you know what? Those old biddies loved it! They slurped and munched away for ages, getting their faces nicely covered in blood in the process. Christopher Trevor Tecwyn looked on with a mixture of jealousy and disgust in his eyes: although extremely greedy, Christopher Trevor Tecwyn most definitely prefers his food processed, none of this raw innards business. Eventually I relented, and made him a cheese and marmite sandwich.


Lanette said...

Hmm...If I were a cat (which I have always wanted ever since my concerning yearning to possess a tail developed), I would have to side with Christopher Trevor Tecwyn (did you write about how he got his name in a previous posting I haven't gotten to yet?)...definitely can't do the "raw" thing. Nope, not even sushi. Big fat "EW" to that. Welp, see ya later!

deanne said...

So fresh-faced and innocent!

Thanks for nearly making me throw up with the chicken liver thing... bleurghhhh...