Friday, June 10, 2005

Carpet burnt cheeks. No, not *those* cheeks. More's the pity.

I managed to crank out about 45 miles on the old bike-arooney yesterday – good lord my arse is sore. Also I’m trying to alter my body clock back to getting up at a decent hour, but I’m still somehow failing to get to bed much before 3am. This is proving to be a lethal combination. Yesterday evening, en route to my bedroom having taken a bath (and there isn’t a great distance between the two rooms. At all) I encountered one of the old biddies, stooped to stroke her, found. It. Very. Hard. To.... Get. Back. Up. And promptly fell asleep neckid but for my towel face first on the floor outside my bedroom, to awake an hour later with carpet swirls imprinted on my forehead.


Shane said...

"I managed to crank out about 45 miles on the old bike-arooney yesterday – good lord my arse is sore"

A lesser man would enquire as to whether this was some kind of homosexual slant against one of England's most expensive footballers. But I am not that lesser man.

I hope your arse gets better soon. Not that I'm even vaguely interested in your arse you understand. Quite. Good day sir.

Huw said...

After 45 miles in the saddle, the last thing any man, lesser or more-er, would want to do is sniff around my arse.

Although, on reflection, you never know; it takes all sorts.

Toad734 said...

Who hasn't had carpet burns on their ass?

Huw said...

That was sort of the point. i think you missed it.

Lanette said...

Friendship IS its own reward. Man, those fraggles really knew what was goin' on.

I felt so old the other day...I actually talked to someone the other day, a tad younger than me, that didn't know who or what the fraggles were. What is this world coming to?

Ms Mac said...

45 miles?!?!?!

I am bitching and whinging at managing 10kms!

Well done you.

For the record, I have never had carpet burns on my arse. On my knees is a different story! ;-)