Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Big Brother Post

Well, it would seem a Big Brother post is de rigueur so it seems only polite.

It was the autumn of 2001, and I was stood in the street chatting to a gorgeous girl called Carmen from Toronto. Carmen was one of these girls who have that North American flirtatious enthusiasm and optimism which really flusters dour chaps like myself.

So, we were talking away, and a car pulled alongside and who should lean his head out of the window but Darren, from Big Brother UK 1. You remember Darren – the gormless chap who managed to ride on Craig’s coat tails as Nick’s treachery was revealed.

“Ere mate,” he hollered. “She fancies you: bone her!”

He then peeled off with a screech of tyres.

I never did Darren. I’m sorry, I failed you.


Elsewhere, I've found a new friend for my MSN buddy list...

1 comment:

Shane said...

Oh dear double shudder. I visited the link to the new buddy, and urrrrgggggghhhh... it is quite some time since such unpleasantness was last visited upon me. (((Shudder again)))