Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bank Holiday Weekend: Sunday & Monday

Having dragged myself out of my deliciously comfy bed on Sunday, I headed down to Clapham as a girl I know is moving back to the States soon and was having a farewell drinking sesh. So how come I get invited to the ‘Going Away’ bash – but none of the more general ‘Just Going Out To Get Pissed’ bashes that I presume have gone on over the past year? I don’t suppose I might just have been there as a numbers bolstering ego boost? Well, I didn’t take a present and wasn’t planning on much of a tearful goodbye, so I guess that made us even.

But anyway, my main spur to make the gathering was the almost guaranteed presence of a certain someone else who - following a period of 5 or 6 months of unspoken infatuation which was then followed by 'a thing' which never progressed further than being a very small scale 'thing' before petering out in a cruddy but unspectacular way -I couldn't have seen since last August as we don’t really share any friends and typically it’s just a bit too awkward seeing a former love interest purely socially. But we’ve stayed in touch with plenty of emails and texts, and through this communication I’d got an unspoken vibe that there might be a bloke on the scene. Either way, a wing man was roped in to come with me. My chosen wing man had had a bigger night out than me the night before, a proper all night raving job, so between us we were looking and feeling quite frazzled.

Upon arrival my suspicions were confirmed. It was okay: I only did a bit of tearful shouting and pointing together with some very vague threats.

No, not really, only joking. So the pub was quite packed and I couldn’t get a seat close to her, but quite soon after my arrival she came over and sat with me.

“I didn’t think you were going to be able to make it.” Ever the elusive social butterfly, I’d remained very non-committal in the face of Going Away Girl’s invite, even though there was no way I’d pass up the chance of seeing someone special after all this time. So we chatted for about fifteen minutes which was great.

Shortly after our conversation ended, I felt my work in the pub was done and I made my exit. Enroute my wing man mentioned he'd been sat with the new chap who'd mentioned me by name to him a few times.
"Good to hear someone who I know nothing about knows something about me," I had concluded.

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