Monday, May 02, 2005

Zutons Fever

Me and Housemate Eddie went to see The Zutons and LCD Soundsystem in Brixton on Saturday night. Oh yeah, Soulwax were playing too, but their own stuff is so shit boring they barely merit a mention. Evil Joe, in need of a night out having been dumped by this tory he'd apparently been seeing (a tory?!?), attended too. Ahead of the gig, we’d adventurously (tightfistedly?) stationed ourselves across the road at the Wetherspoons which was doing a gorgeous 7.4% cider. Hence my memory is slightly hazy.

I took my camera with me in order to get some snaps (as opposed to, you know, just carrying it for a blast) and was infuriated to have it taken off me at the door by one of the Rent-A-Thugs. I was told I couldn’t take it in as:

“that’s a professional camera.”

“Wha…? It’s just a normal camera…”

“If you think that’s a normal camera mate, you must be a millionaire.”

I hate, HATE, comments like that.

The cider clouds were gathering, and I knew I had to watch what I said but I couldn’t just let it go and had to tell him that my desire to spend more than a fiver on a crappy disposable camera and instead use one which offers more than quality control pitch black snaps of distant miniature blurred figures in no way makes me a millionaire*. Commoners.

I was quite keen to see LCD Soundsystem; I was intrigued to see what they looked like and was anticipating some showmanship, especially from frontman James Murphy who I’d variously heard described as the coolest man in Rock’n’Roll or somesuch in the musical press. Thus, I was a little disappointed by the fairly subdued fat former frat boy-esque character who greeted us together with his earnest bandmates. A musically sound bunch though.

Just a quick mention for my cat Doolally who killed a bird this weekend. My parents were pissed off with her, but she’s just a couple of weeks short of her 17th birthday, so I say fair play to the old biddy. Still got it!

* In Drunk Huw Speak “Fuck off am I a fucking millionaire you stupid twat”.

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