Wednesday, May 04, 2005

There's a time for everything

So there's this Time Traveller's Convention coming up in a few days, which I've probably got more of an eye on than the General Election (I've had enough I tells ya. As ever though, I'll look for the positives. Just think, in America this kind of thing drags on over 10 months).

I was thinking of ways to leave a lasting advert for the Convention, such as leaving some ruins that spell out the time and the place buried in my garden for 15 foot tall archaeologist dolphins to come across in a couple of million years, but have decided I’ll wait until after the Convention and see if anyone turns up before I decide to do anything so I’ll know in advance whether such action would just be futile.

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*L'ola said...

i'll admit it. even though i tend to be a bit more politically minded than the average american i get sick of election coverage somewhere in the second month of the craziness.

i'd much rather the dolphins start running for congress. there might be a better possibility of making progress with long as the fish hold out, that is.