Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I’m starting to get a bit concerned about my charity ride in two weeks. After a couple of training outings, I’m starting to realise that 66 miles is actually a fair way. It’s not such a distance that I won’t be able to manage it, it’s just I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that in the current shape I’m in it’ll take me all day. I don’t particularly like the thought of the organisers still waiting at the finish for me at gone 8 o’clock.

Due to a combination of saddle sore and mechanical failures, my training routine has pretty much been reduced to running; last night’s planned 25-mile outing came to an abrupt end after 100m when my chain snapped. The lad at the cycle shop was of the opinion that I was fortunate not to be injured by my flailing chain, and pointed to a juicy scar on his chin where a broken chain had whipped up across his face upon snapping. “The chicks’ll dig it” I told him sagely.

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